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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Internet powerhouse Andy Martin seeks funds to open new Barack Obama research in Hawaii

Obama author, investigator and film producer Andy Martin is launching an appeal for financial support to open a new investigation into Barack Obama’s origins in Hawai’i. Martin plans to begin the inquiry on April 27th. Martin has become such a regular visitor to Honolulu one local paper labeled him a “resident.” “Barack Obama may be sitting in the White House,” Martin says, “but he is still a mystery man to the American people. His past remains unknown. He and his wife constantly spread disinformation to confuse us. He is truly a ‘Manchurian Candidate.’ We are asking Americans for donations to continue our Obama research and litigation in Honolulu.”

We need your financial support to continue our Obama investigations in Hawai’i
“The Internet Powerhouse”
Andy Martin
Executive Editor

“Factually Correct, Not
Politically Correct”

April 13, 2010

Dear Reader:

I am asking you to contribute to our exciting new Obama research project in Hawai’i. You can mail a check to our New York offices (P.O. Box 1851, New York, NY 10150-1851) or better still you can make an immediate online contribution at either or

We are launching a new Obama-book-to-the-White House promotion as part of our new Hawai’i investigation.

First let me remind you what we have already accomplished.

In October, 2008, we opened the first research investigation into Obama’s “roots” in Hawai’i. None of the media had ever examined Obama’s Hawai’i years until my team showed up. Much to my surprise, Obama diverted his campaign plane to Honolulu and arrived while I was there. We ended up costing Obama millions of votes in the presidential election. I was the first name on Barack Obama’s enemies list.

As a result of our Honolulu interviews we elevated the “Frank Marshall Davis-as-biological-father” question to the national stage. We filed the first and so far only lawsuit in Hawai'i to open to public inspection Hawai’i state archives on Obama.

In 2009 we produced the first and only movie on Obama’s Hawai’i years (check out the above web sites for a full series of videos including the film). Step by step we have tried to develop an accurate picture of Obama’s roots. It takes time, money and shoe leather to do all of this on-the-scene investigation.

We are now asking for your financial support to begin a new Hawai’i investigation on April 27th, Operation Aloha Obama IV.

Here’s how we plan to put your donation to work::

1. Continue the lawsuit to open Hawai’i archives on Obama (a motion being filed in court on April 14th follows this letter).

2. We are going to film new Hawai’i scenes for the movie on his years in Hawai’i.

3. We are going to continue the Frank Marshal Davis research.

4. We are going to lobby the Hawai’i legislature not to enact new Obama-friendly laws seeking to cover-up access to his past.

5. We may file a second blockbuster lawsuit in Honolulu challenging the political cover-up by Hawai’i officials.

The more you contribute, the more of the “Andy do” list we can accomplish.

And, to remind Barry Obama that the American people still have questions about his past, for every $50 you contribute to support our new Hawai’i investigation we will send an autographed copy of my book to Mr. Obama. If you donate $50 to support the Hawai’i project, we will send you a confirmation of delivery you can verify on the Internet, and we will send Obama an autographed copy of “Obama: the Man Behind the Mask.” If enough people contribute $50, the White House will be flooded with copies. They won't be able to say they couldn't find a copy to read.

So please be generous! We exist on volunteer efforts and contributions from ordinary citizens who are fed up with the media elites and the political class in Washington that elevated socialist Obama to the office of president.

Remember, if you would like to send Barry Obama an autographed copy of my book, donate $50 to the Hawai’i investigation and we’ll send him a copy.

Thanks for your support in the past, which has made all of our earlier successes possible. We want to keep working on your behalf, so please donate today. We have a travel reservation for April 27th that has to be confirmed by April 16th. So please donate now.

Best wishes,

[begin motion]
Plaintiff Pro Se
P. O. Box 1851
New York, NY 10150-1851
Toll-free tel. (866) 706-ANDY
Toll-free fax (866) 707-ANDY



CIVIL NO. 08-1-2147-10 BIA







Plaintiff moves the Court to enter an order supplementing the record on appeal to the Intermediate Court of Appeals (“ICA”) with the attached materials.
1. Facts
A. This lawsuit concerns efforts to obtain access to the original, typewritten 1961 birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama. The birth certificate of a president of the United States is a priori an important public record. For reasons which defy logic, Hawai’i officials claim that Obama was born in Hawai’i (a view that Plaintiff accepts) but refuse to release or make available access to the original 1961 document. The 1961 birth certificate contains considerable information that is not otherwise available.
B. No reasonable lawyer in a reasonable and impartial court could argue that Obama is a private citizen entitled to the same privacy rights as an ordinary individual. The Hawai’i legislature never intended to shield presidents of the United States from public access to their birth records. Obama’s original documents are objects of intense historical and scholarly interest. Interestingly, the actual place of Obama’s birth remains undocumented: hospital(which one), name of doctor (unknown), place of birth (unknown). He is the only recent president whose birthplace remains a secret (see attached article). What is Obama hiding? And why is this Court aiding and abetting in making as farce of Hawaii’s role in history? The American people have a right to know.
C. The missing birth certificate of Barack Obama remains a matter of national interest, with a large minority of the public rejecting the incomplete documentation released by Hawai’i officials to date. Hawai’i officials have the original but refuse to release it, see attached. Web link:
2. Argument
A. Since this case was originally heard, Chiyome Fukino has continued to play cat-and-mouse with history, by claiming she has the “original” birth certification in her possession but she will not make it available to scholars and historians.
B. Fukino’s position is fundamentally and facially absurd, and brings both this Court and the government of the State of Hawai’i into ridicule. Plaintiff has attempted with the utmost respect and good faith to litigate in this court, and has seen some of the worse “outsider” hostility and lack of professionalism he has ever encountered in any public interest lawsuit.
C. Plaintiff asks this Court, due to the delay in processing the appeal and due to Fukino’s continuing series of public statements, to supplement the record on appeal with the attached materials which include Fukino’s own remarks of July 27, 2009. Fukino’s 2009 statement would probably allow plaintiff to file a law lawsuit based on Fukino’s new statements since 2008. However, Plaintiff would like to avoid a multiplicity of lawsuits and believes that the entire controversy should be heard in one appeal before the ICA. Therefore, Plaintiff asks that the attached materials be made part of the record on appeal.
Respectfully submitted
P.O. Box 1851
New York, NY 10150-1851
Toll-free tel. (866) 706-ANDY
Toll-free fax (866) 707-ANDY
E-mail (text only):


I certify I have served the Hawai’i Attorney General, 465 S. King Street, Suite 200, Honolulu, HI 96813 with this motion via fax to (808) 587-3077 on April 12, 2010.


[end motion]
URGENT APPEAL: The Committee of One Million to Defeat Barack Obama raises money to oppose President Barack Obama's radical agenda and also to support
Please give generously. Our ability to fight and defeat Barack Obama's political agenda is directly dependent on the generosity of every American. “The Committee of One Million to Defeat Barack Obama has no bundlers, no fat cats and no illegal contributions. Obama is opposed to almost everything America stands for," says Executive Director Andy Martin. "But while Obama has raised a billion dollar slush fund, his opponents lack sufficient resources. Americans can either contribute now, or pay later. If we do not succeed, Obama will."
Readers of Obama: The Man Behind The Mask, say the book is still the only gold standard and practical handbook on Barack Obama's unfitness for the presidency. Buy it. Book orders: or Immediate shipment from or signed copies (delayed for signing) from the publisher are available.
Andy Martin is a legendary Chicago muckraker, author, Internet columnist, radio talk show host, broadcaster and media critic. He has over forty years of broadcasting background in radio and television and is the dean of Illinois media and communications. He is currently promoting his best-selling book, Obama: The Man Behind The Mask and promoting his new Internet movie “Obama: The Hawai’i years.” Andy is the Executive Editor and publisher of

Martin comments on regional, national and world events with more than four decades of experience. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law and is a former adjunct professor of law at the City University of New York.


His columns are also posted at;;
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