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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Did Barack Obama try to discredit foreign policy expert Andy Martin who blew the whistle on Benghazi-gate?

Republican foreign policy expert and New Hampshire corruption-fighter Andy Martin “blew the whistle” on Benghazi-gate on September 12th. Before anyone else in government or politics would come to Governor Mitt Romney’s defense, Andy Martin stood up and stood out and defended Romney’s criticism of the Obama regime. While “Washington Republicans” were undermining Romney, Andy Martin stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the governor. On September 12th Andy predicted that “Obama’s foreign policy collapse is now the paramount reason to remove him from the White House.” In response, President Obama’s lackeys may have used The Associated Press to counterattack and discredit Andy. The effort backfired. The record documents that Andy Martin was the first analyst to recognize both the military significance and the political significance the “Benghazi-gate” attacks would play in the presidential campaign.

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Republican Party foreign policy expert and New Hampshire corruption-fighter Andy Martin was first to analyze and disclose the significance of Benghazi-gate – on September 12th

Andy was and is a strong supporter of Governor Mitt Romney

Andy says President Obama’s operatives may have tried to use The Associated Press to undermine and discredit Andy’s prescient commentary on Benghazi-gate

(Manchester, NH) (October 14, 2012) Republican Party foreign policy expert and New Hampshire activist Andy Martin was the first foreign policy analyst to defend Governor Mitt Romney and to disclose the domestic political impact of the September 11th attacks on the U. S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. His views:

I. The long history of conflict between Barack and Andy

In 2004 I wrote the first disclosure that Barack Obama’s “autobiography” was mostly fiction. I asked the publisher to put Obama’s book on the “fiction” shelves, not the biography section. Obama was very irritated that I had scored a bull’s eye on his credibility. During the 2008 presidential campaign I disclosed major new aspects of Obama’s “hidden history,” culminating in a national appearance on “Sean Hannity’s America” where I accused Obama of being a “socialist” (link below). I was the first independent investigator to go to Hawai’i to dig for the truth about Obama; what I discovered there has increasingly become accepted doctrine in the conservative community. The Obama campaign took notice of my criticism.

II. Obama’s long history of attempts to discredit Andy Martin

Obama’s initial retaliation against me took the form of cyber attacks. Later, in October, 2008 Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs went on “Hannity and Colmes” and accused Hannity of being an “anti-Semite” because Hannity had me as a guest on his program (despite George Soros’ relentless attacks on Hannity and me, neither I nor Hannity are anti-Semites; Gibbs’ attack was just another diversionary attack). Obama assets later attacked me in New Hampshire. On September 19th, 2012 Obama & Company may have used The Associated Press to discredit my exposure of Benghazi-gate and my prediction that the murder of American diplomats would doom Obama’s reelection.

Take a look at the facts and look closely at the time-line. Then you be the judge.

III. Andy Martin’s chilling predictions on September 5th

On September 5th I filed a column (links below) accusing Hillary Clinton of “undermining the war on terror” and calling for her resignation. I made my accusation during the same period when Clinton was denying adequate security to her diplomatic staff in Libya. I outlined how Hillary Clinton’s loyalty to the “Clinton Global Initiative” created a conflict with U. S. security interests overseas.

In retrospect, my claim that I sometimes “see over the horizon before our own diplomats do” proved to be tragically accurate a week later.

IV. Andy Martin comes to the defense of Mitt Romney

On September 11th Al Qaeda associates launched a terrorist attack on the U. S. Consulate in Benghazi. The liberal media immediately attacked Governor Mitt Romney for his criticism of the Obama administration’s response to the earlier Cairo "video" demonstrations. Obama & Co., through their media parrots, accused Romney or “undermining” foreign policy. I vigorously defended Romney and said that Benghazi-gate would “doom President Obama to reelection defeat” (links below; read the entire story). I expressly defended Romney against attacks by “Washington Republicans.” I further predicted “Obama's foreign failures are coming crashing down on him just as he runs for reelection at home.”

I focused on the seriousness of the Benghazi attack long before anyone else would step up to defend Governor Romney. Belatedly, everyone is now supporting Romney. But on September 12th Republicans were wringing their hands at Romney's honesty and his forthright criticism of Obama's failed foreign “apology policy.” I defended the governor before it was safe and popular to do so. And I also provided the “first look” into both the political and diplomatic significance of Benghazi-gate.

IV. The Associated Press attempts to undermine Andy Martin

As though acting on cue for the Obama administration, on September 19th The Associated Press mysteriously ran a national story which appeared on every major web site in the United States calling me a “legend in my own mind” and referring to me as a “self-proclaimed Republican foreign policy expert.” There was nothing whatsoever that I had done to justify a national story. The Associated Press distributes stories locally, regionally or nationally based on their importance; a national or “A-Wire” story carries national importance.

What had I done to justify national attention by AP? Well, in the AP’s snide words, “nothing.” I was an “imaginary” expert. Why would AP be covering an “imaginary” and “self-proclaimed” foreign policy analyst? Makes you wonder.

V. Why is Andy different from “Washington Republicans” and liberal media “experts?”

I have not had a conventional career. I started out in politics, segued into political intelligence, was educated as a lawyer and became a foreign policy expert in dangerous places around the world (see listing below). I have a track record of accurate analysis. The liberal media’s “experts” do not. You can check my predictions going back to Iraq in 2003. My views were not popular then. I predicted the ultimate failure of the invasion.

I am a “classic conservative” critic, which means I take a conservative view of life. I am not a conservative weenie who swallows the conservative party line without question. So, instead of having “one” career, I have had several careers, sometimes simultaneously. And, my multiple experiences all provide me with a multi-dimensional or polymathic perspective on each new challenge. That’s why I claim to occasionally “see over the horizon.” Been there, done that.

VI. Andy against exposes Obama’s chaos in the Middle East

On September 23rd I again analyzed the growing chaos in Obama’s foreign policy (links blow), calling the “Libya-video” story a “canard” and again calling for Hillary Clinton’s resignation. Here is part of what I said on September 23rd:

“With every passing day the Benghazi disaster and the murder of our ambassador becomes the most serious foreign policy fiasco since Jimmy Carter’s Iran hostage crisis. Hillary Clinton has appointed a ‘committee’ to study her own incompetence. Wow.

“Obama’s U. N. ambassador claimed the Libya attack was due to a ‘video.’ Obama’s news secretary repeated the ‘video’ canard. President Obama went on Univision and said he ‘didn’t have all the facts,’ which is a form of paranoid schizophrenic defense mechanism.

VII. The bottom line: Obama lied; Andy exposed the truth

In retrospect it all looks so orderly. I predicted on September 5th Clinton was “endangering” Americans. On September 12th I defended Mitt Romney after the consulate attack. On September 19th The Associated Press mysteriously published a national story saying I was an imaginary expert and specifically referencing my own news story of September 12. On September 23rd I made new predictions which have been validated by subsequent events.

I am writing this column for two reasons: First, I would like to defend my own national security and foreign policy credentials as compared with those of other media that lack my experience in the real world. Second, the events of the past month reflect how the national media relentlessly seek to discredit and undermine critics of President Obama by ridiculing their qualifications and experience. Maybe that’s why Barack Obama’s own operatives have been using the media to attack me for the past several years. They are afraid of the truth, and they are afraid of me. You be the judge. (This should be the end of the story.)

OK, a column based on accurate predictions should make another prediction. Lawyers have an old rubric about clients that don’t pay their bills. The saying goes, “Clients should never refuse to pay either their lawyers or their accountants. They could run into “problems.” Here’s the prediction: Presidents and vice presidents should never dump on their diplomats and intelligence agencies. They could run into “problems.” Obama’s attempt to blame the clandestine services for his own failures in Libya will boomerang and backfire.

[Andy has over forty years of familiarity with Asia and the Middle East; he is regarded overseas as one of America’s most respected independent foreign policy, military and intelligence analysts. His analysis of the terrorist threat in Iran during the 1979-80 hostage crisis, and again in Iraq in 2003, were leading-edge predictions of what Americans faced in the future.

Andy first went to Asia in 1967 and since then he has been in Israel, Jordan, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Viet-Nam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Burma and Hong Kong. He was in Iran and Afghanistan in 1979-80, and has regularly returned to Southwest Asia since then. He lived in Iraq in 2003.]


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