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Friday, February 23, 2018

Chicago news conference: New Hampshire congressional candidate Andy Martin, a strong supporter of veterans, focusses a national spotlight on the decrepit Illinois Veterans Home in Quincy where veterans are dying unnecessarily because of Legionnaire’s Disease

Andy is a New Hampshire congressional candidate.

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Announcement of Chicago news conference Friday, February 23


Attention: Chicago assignment/daybook editors and political editors

February 23 Chicago news conference details:


New Hampshire congressional candidate and conservative columnist/blogger Andy Martin demands that Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner protect Illinois veterans at the Illinois Veterans Home in Quincy


Andy says that Illinois authorities have allowed a serious public health challenge to fester, causing over a dozen deaths of Illinois veterans


Sidewalk news conference, SE corner of Huron and Wabash Streets, Chicago (weather permitting; otherwise indoors)


Friday, February 23, 2018; 4:00 P.M.

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Andy Martin says that every veteran, from New Hampshire to California, is outraged and incensed at the maltreatment of Illinois veterans by state authorities

Andy says that Illinois authorities have neglected basic public health protocols for protecting veterans from Legionnaire’s Disease

Andy calls for Governor Bruce Rauner to take emergency action to prevent any further deaths from Legionnaire’s Disease and to protect veterans who are being housed at the Illinois Veterans Home in Quincy

(Chicago, IL) (February 23, 2018) New Hampshire congressional candidate and corruption fighter Andy Martin has gone to Chicago to demand that Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner stop neglecting veterans housed at the Illinois Veterans Home in Quincy.

Andy will hold a Chicago news conference today to charge that Rauner’s efforts to provide a safe environment, free from Legionnaires' disease (please see link [1] below), have been a dismal failure. Veterans continue to die from the infectious condition.

“Every veteran in America is outraged by the incompetent care being provided to Illinois’ veterans in Quincy,” Andy says. “In New Hampshire, we take protecting veterans seriously. The idea that the State of Illinois can’t protect veterans from a serious public health menace is preposterous [please see links [2] – [4] below).

“President Reagan spoke of the ‘Boys of Point Du Hoc’ who stormed the cliffs on D-Day. I was a friend of General Ray Davis who saved the ‘Frozen Chosin’ in what was one of the most brutal battles of the Korean War. I have seen our men and women at war from the Mekong River to the DMZ, from Iraq to Afghanistan. Are we to forget their sacrifices and consign them in their final years to negligent administration at the hands of incompetent politicians and bureaucrats in both political parties?

“Rauner is the governor, but the Democrats, who hold a stranglehold on the legislature, are also culpable. No veteran in Illinois or anywhere in the United States should die because of lack of proper care in a federal or state facility,” Andy says. “In New Hampshire we had a horrible VA facility; but we raised our collective voices to demand reform. Nationally, Congress has tried to reform the Veterans Administration, with mixed results. In Congress, I will be a strong advocate for veterans and for providing proper care for those few who bear the burden of protecting the many, us.

“With all due respect, if a private hospital neglected patients the way the State of Illinois has, the directors would be sent to jail. The hospital would be closed. But in government there is no accountability, there are no consequences for failure.

“I speak for every veteran across the United States [please see Link 5] in demanding that Governor Rauner take emergency action to end the preventable and avoidable Legionnaire’s Disease crisis in Quincy that is a disgrace to the people of Illinois.”

Andy is a GOP candidate in New Hampshire’s First Congressional District.

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