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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

American analyst Andy Martin says that French President Emmanuel Macron is beckoned by history to veto British membership in the European Union.

Will Macron take the bold step of putting an end to the pathetic display of governmental incompetence in London, or will Marcon stay “petty” and forfeit the mantle of undisputed European leader? An exhaustive analysis by Contrarian Commentary comes to only one conclusion: France must veto British membership in the European Union.

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Republican conservative analyst and activist Andy Martin says the only EU course of action is for France to veto continuing British membership in the European Union

Martin says Britain today is a dagger pointed at the heart of the EU; only a hard and immediate Brexit can provide any prospect of “peace” for both Britain and EU members

Will President Emmanuel Macron have the courage to take decisive action and vote “non?”

(London-in-New York) (April 10, 2019)

This column started out to be an analysis of “Brexit” (terminating British membership in the EU). As I dug deeper and deeper into the morass created by both EU leaders and the visibly deranged British leader Theresa May, it became unavoidable that the perspective of France was being totally ignored.

But French interests stand at a historic crossroads. France is the most interesting “player” in the Brexit odyssey.

We at Contrarian Commentary have been studying the EU for over 20 years; our research goes deep into what was once called the “Eurosceptic” movement and now is known as the Brexit movement. We have seen Brexit move from being a fringe element of a handful of parliamentarians in the 1990’s to a majority position of ordinary UK citizens in 2019.

Because we do not write from a pro-British or pro-EU bias, and are only concerned with US interests in the ongoing travesty, we shifted our point of view to studying the French position – and French opportunity.

Today France stands at its most powerful and prominent position in 100 years. How France votes on UK membership will determine whether France assumes the primary leadership role in Europe or continues to play second fiddle to Germany.

Few media ever analyze the governing structures of the three leading EU nations. But there are significant differences between them. Germany has a strong governing structure, but a weak government because of the mistaken addition of one million undocumented refugees into German society. Angela Merkel, the most powerful leader in Europe, is a lame duck and most probably a dead duck. There is a vacuum of power in Germany and Merkel’s successor will not automatically assume Merkel’s role as EU ruler. Germany has internal challenges from the growing power of the far-right.

Britain’s governing structure is an anachronism that is collapsing on itself. Theresa May bungled her unnecessary national election and she manifests obvious mental concerns. She has actually faced voters herself in 1/650 of her nation, a single parliamentary constituency. She accidently fell into the Prime Minister’s role because Britain’s ancient parliament is too weak as an institution to function effectively in the modern era. (Most of the “laws” enacted in modern Britain are mandated by the EU; parliament has become a sovereign eunuch.)

The role of “head of state” in Britain, which confers democratic legitimacy on a political leader, is instead exercised by an honorable woman in her 90’s who by law has no democratic legitimacy. In effect the UK has no “head of state” who can run the government. This is why May has been unable to impose order or structure on the Brexit proceedings.

France has a rock-solid governing structure. There is a strong president and a legislature that he controls. Emmanuel Macron has national democratic legitimacy. Despite the anti-government demonstrations in Paris and elsewhere, the French government of 2019 is not the French government of 1958.

Because of his strong government, Macron has an opportunity that has eluded France for a century: to become the leader of Europe.

The Brexit chaos may have exposed Theresa May as a hapless and totally unqualified leader. But the Brexit situation has also exposed the EU’s weaknesses. Instead of treating a neighbor cordially, thuggish EU leaders have sought to exploit May’s incompetence by bludgeoning her into accepting an absurd “deal” that enjoys minimal support in London.

May herself voted against Brexit in the referendum! May’s government is controlled by anti-Brexit politicians. And yet liberal media in London and the US constantly flay Brexiteers as “extremists” when the real extremists are May and her cabal who have worked relentlessly to sabotage the 2016 vote of the British people (see link below).

UK citizens are inundated by a daily dose of propaganda from Brussels as to the dire consequences that will befall the country if it leaves the EU. These scare stories are nonsense. The US stands ready to support the UK. The financial capital of Europe, the “City” in London, has already hedged substantially all of its exposure. Britain is the only genuinely free market in “Europe.” Will German auto manufacturers stop selling in the UK, Germany’s biggest market, because of Brexit? Of course not. Will the French refuse to sell their cheese, the Dutch their flowers? Of course not. Trade is trade.

When Britain voted to leave the EU, it should have been given a cordial departure. Instead, the petty minds in Brussels, whose bureaucracy had strangled Britain in the first place and precipitated Brexit, decided to exploit May’s weaknesses and the structural deficiencies in Britain’s government structure. They were seeking to “make an example” of the UK. The EU’s dirty tactics have backfired, and could backfire even worse if a new extension for Brexit is agreed this week.

If Britain stays in the EU, it will be forced to conduct elections next month for the European Parliament. Almost all of the new Members of the Parliament (MEP’s) from the UK will be sworn enemies of the EU, working from the inside to disable and dismantle the EU.

Make no mistake: sooner or later Britain is leaving the EU. The EU can delay a departure but it cannot prevent Britain leaving. The EU’s own ham-handed tactics ensure that the separation will be increasingly bitter.

The conceit that the British people will agree to become non-voting vassals in the EU (which is the EU and May approach) is nonsense. What nation in history has ever agreed to be governed by rules and a rule of law in which that nation has no voice or vote? But that is what pathetic the “Maybot” “negotiated,” and that is what EU thugs are demanding.

The proposals to deprive the British people of their voice and to erase their 2016 vote for freedom, is liberal intelligentsia nonsense. That is why May has no legitimacy in parliament.

So how can both the UK and EU be saved? If Macon denies a new extension to the UK, and Britain leaves the EU under WTO (World Trade Organization) rules this weekend, everyone would end up a winner.

First, if Macron votes to deny Britain membership in the EU, he will establish himself as the premier and most powerful leader in Europe. Germany won’t always be confused and destabilized by its own internal challenges. Already the fascists (Alternative for Germany) are organizing, and reviving the mantra of the 1930’s that Germany and Britain have overriding and special interests together. The more things change…

Second, if Macron forces Britain out, the Brexit disturbance will be removed and Britain can end up next week as a neighbor and trading partner of the EU under internationally accepted WTO rules and procedures.

If Macron fails to grasp this moment in history, France will remain a caboose on a train with a wounded Germany as the conductor. And Britain will be fighting the EU from the inside until a full and complete Brexit becomes a reality.

Rationally, there is no option but for the EU to remove Britain, and for the hopeless May to be removed from parliament by a rebellion of her Conservative Party.

Where might Macron look for advice? To France, of course. In the 1960’s President Charles deGaulle vetoed British membership in the precursor to the EU. deGaulle understood that British presence in an EU focused on continental needs and interests would always be a disruptive force.

Seventy-five years ago, in June, British, Canadian and American troops landed in France to liberate Europe from the evils of Nazi Germany.

Does Macron really want 70 new anti-EU MEP’s from the UK landing in France this July, and proceeding to demolish the European Parliament in Strasbourg?

Macron has only one option: to answer the call of history, to reject Britain the way his predecessor deGaulle did, and to make France the leading power in the EU.

Further delays will only destroy the EU, not Britain. In order to save France, and save the EU, Macron must veto continuing British membership in that super-national organization.


Over the past half-century, Andy Martin has lived and studied in Britain. Oxford University, where he never matriculated, had a profound influence on his life. He has intensively studied the EU for more than 20 years.

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