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Saturday, March 31, 2007



(NEW YORK) Internet publisher, broadcaster and media critic Andy Martin will hold a New York City News conference Sunday April 1 to announce he has submitted an offer to purchase the Tribune Company at $35 per share. Martin told independent directors Saturday his proposal was a form of “peoples’ equity” instead of "private equity," and would allow existing shareholders to profit if he succeeded in turning around the media conglomerate. Martin noted he had begun at the bottom in his communications industry experience, as a home delivery newsboy carrying the Hartford Courant each morning. His letter offering to purchase the company is posted at

“This is a battle for the soul of a city, and a battle to save the soul of a city,” Martin will state. “Chicago bank headquarters have left. Other enterprises have become mere branches. The Tribune company is our remaining crown jewel. It stands in jeopardy of falling to local asset strippers and California ego trippers.

“My proposal will save the company and keep the enterprise intact. The plan carries on the bold, entrepreneurial vision of Colonel McCormick. It is dynamic and it is imaginative. As I told the directors, the Tribune is ‘well-managed,’ but that is part of the problem. At a time of industry wide challenge the enterprise has fallen into the hands of 'managers' instead of visionaries. With new media challenges, we need an owner with a vision to run roughshod over the ‘managers.’ I expect to fight and I expect to win,” Martin will state.

Martin is Executive editor and Publisher of


Date/time: Sunday, April 1 1:00 P.M.
Location: SW Corner of Wall & Broad Streets,
New York (New York Stock Exchange)
CONTACT: Andy Martin
(312) 440-4124; (917) 664-9329
Source: Andy Martin Worldwide Communications

Friday, March 30, 2007

From the Staff

For the story behind the story...
Friday, March 30, 2007 12:13 a.m. EDT
Obama Still Hiding White Grandma

NewsMax’s recent story about Sen. Barack Obama’s white grandmother by independent journalist Andy Martin has created a firestorm across the Web.
In his commentary "Free Obama’s White Grandma," Martin details how the Obama campaign has "locked his granny away and refused to allow her to be seen."
Obama’s father was a black Kenyan, and his mother was a white woman from Kansas. His white grandmother, his mother’s mother, is Madelyn Dunham. [Editor's Note: See photo of Obama's white grandparents. See Photo Here.] She raised Obama after he returned to Hawaii from Indonesia, where his mother had gone to live after separating from his Kenyan father.
But Martin alleges that the Obama campaign has been hiding Madelyn, while at the same time producing photos showing Obama with his black step-grandmother, Sarah Hussein Obama – even though she never saw the future senator until the 1980s.
Martin maintains that the moves are politically motivated – presidential hopeful Obama is hiding his white background to solidify his support in the black community.
Since publishing Martin’s story, NewsMax has been deluged by pro-Obama bloggers who claim Martin’s report is "racist," "inaccurate" or just "totally wrong."
Many direct our attention to a photo that appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times (See Photo Here), purportedly showing Obama with a black woman who is identified by the Times as Madelyn Dunham, Obama’s grandmother.
In fact, the Sun-Times, not NewsMax or Martin, is in error. The woman pictured on the Sun-Times Web site is not Madelyn Dunham, but Obama’s Kenyan grandmother Sarah Hussein Obama.
Readers who are troubled by the coverage of Obama’s grandmothers would do better to send their complaints to the Sun-Times rather than NewsMax.
© NewsMax 2007. All rights reserved.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007







(CHICAGO)(March 26, 2007) If anyone else running for president locked his granny away and refused to allow her to be seen, would the media complain? You betcha.

But America's media have supinely allowed Barry Obama to pretend he has no white relatives. He has paraded his step-grandmother in Kenya, who never saw him until the 80's, as his "granny," and locked the grandmother who actually raised him away in a closet.

Today the Chicago Tribune said "the Obama campaign declined to make [his white grandmother] available."

Is she sick? Not apparently. Bedridden? Hospitalized? Not apparently. She is the "Prisoner of Obama," and of Obama's racist myth that he is "Black" and not "Black and White."

What a disgrace.

And like whimpering puppies the media do not protest, complain or demand access.


Barack Obama is one of the most racist politicians in America today. And we let him get away with it. We are afraid to confront Obama's reality, so we pretend that reality is not there, even though it is staring us in the face. Anyone remember "Miss Lillian?" Or Barbara Bush? Or Bill Clinton's mom, drinking, gambling card-playing gal that she was?

No one else but Obama could get away with pretending that his paternal grandfather's second or third or fourth wife was his "granny" when she wasn't.

Maybe that's the core of the antipathy between grandson and grandmother. Maybe that's why Obama's white grandmother is locked in purda. She is offended that Obambi shamelessly highlights his black relatives in Kenya and equally shamelessly pretends his white relatives in Hawaii who actually raised him do not exist. It would hurt me.

No one could get away with pretending his white grandmother didn’t exist except a media witch doctor such as Obama.

I have been attacking Obama for months because of his racist exclusion of his white relatives from the campaign trail.

We finally smoked out a picture of Obama's sister in the Chicago Tribune. She had said she was his "adviser" but refused to be photographed. Did she plan to enter the White house with a paper sack over her head?

But the "segregation" of Madelyn Dunham, Obama's white grandmother, and only real grandmother, has to be one of the cruelest and most mendacious political kidnappings this nation has ever seen.

Mrs. Dunham lives alone in the same apartment where she has lived for many years. Thus, it is reasonable to assume she is not incapacitated or an invalid.

Granny Dunham told the New York Times she was not well enough to speak, but in reality the Obama campaign maintains Stalinist "control" over potential interviewees. Obama's minions tried to control access to Obama's friend who was recently released from prison. Since he became a candidate for U. S. Senator, Obama has locked his remaining white relative away in his racist closet.

Madelyn Dunham raised Barry Obama. It was probably her money that got him admitted to the prestigious Punahou School in Hawaii and paid his fees. Her efforts were formative, perhaps even more so than those of Obama's mother Ann, Madelyn's daughter. And yet Madelyn is being hidden away.

All because she is white and Barry Obama is a "black" candidate for president.

What a lie. What hypocrisy. What cowardice. And this man wants to sit in the oval office?

Ironically, locking Madelyn away is going to hurt Obama more with African-Americans than with whites. Whites delight in drinking Obama's Kool-Aid. Reason and reality will only gradually descend on them.

But Blacks are a lot smarter than whites when it comes to slights, because they have felt racial slights all their lives. Blacks know who Obama is, and they know how he is trying to "pass" and ignore his past.

During the decade when crack devastated the African-American community it was "Black Grannies" who were and are the backbone of the community. These grandmothers helped stabilize disintegrating families ravaged by drugs. Black grannies will not like the fact that their white counterpart is being treated badly by Obama. Black and White grandmothers? My guess is they will stick together on this one. They will be offended by the way Obama is treating the woman who really raised him and was the stabilizing factor in his life, Madelyn Dunham.


------------------------------------------Chicago-based Internet journalist, broadcaster and critic Andy Martin is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2007. Martin covers national and world politics with forty years of personal experience. Columns also posted at; Comments? E-mail: Media contact: (866) 706-2639





(CHICAGO)(March 26, 2007) Who'd a thunk it? Tickets on the "Obama Skeptics Bus" are selling like hotcakes.

Somehow Obama the glib Kenyan witch doctor is slowly falling to earth. And not in the White house.

Obama's cult may still have drawing power among the unwashed masses of the Democratic Party. But among the washed media, skepticism is rapidly setting in.

As if waking from deep winter hibernation, media types have suddenly started demanding the same high standards of candor and accuracy from Barack Obama that they impose on others in public life.

Obama's father, the Kenyan bigamist/predator who seduced an unsophisticated 18 year-old student, Obama's mother, stands exposed in today's Chicago Tribune (March 27) as someone who "never asked about his ex-wife or his son." Owww. So, as I have written so often in the past two and a half years, Barack Obama, Jr.'s "Dreams From my Father" are really dreams from himself. They are the bleeding wounds and cries of a young child abandoned by a callous and greedy psychopath from Kenya. That explains why Obama is the most fantasy and deception-prone candidate in a long, long time. His real life was utterly unbearable.

Indeed, Washington Post Columnist Richard Cohen performs the ultimate indignity on Barry O today: he compares Obama's fantasy "movie" to that of the Democrats' nemesis: President Ronald Reagan. I guess that makes Obama a "Reagan Democrat." Or at least Richard Cohen thinks so.

Cohen calls Obama a man seeking to "wrap raw ambition," as a "successful packager of himself" in the service of "manipulating facts" who is "starring in his own movie." And that from a favorable columnist.

Another newspaper waking from a deep sleep is the Chicago Tribune where today's "Swamp" catalogues the shift in coverage of Obama from positive to negative. The Obamacrats in the media are starting to abandon ship.
The Tribune goes so far as to expose a forgotten side of Obama's family life. His mother was "from Kansas," but her formative teen years were spent on Mercer Island, Washington outside Seattle. Those years are virtually missing from Obama's compendium. It's interesting that it has taken the Tribune three (3, count 'em) years to start looking at Obama critically.

Both Tribune reporter Frank James and Mr. Cohen focus on a "Dreams" story extensively examined by the Tribune, in which Obambi claims to have been seared by the sight of a Life Magazine cover. It turns out the entire episode was a fabrication and fantasy of Barry O. Never happened. More ammunition for my forthcoming lawsuit that Obama's book should be shelved under "Fiction" and not "Biography."

James notes that at a recent forum Obama said among his qualifications for the White House was his work on "nuclear proliferation." The claim that Obama has any credentials in the area of nuclear proliferation is even more of a hoot that Al Gore's claim he invented the Internet. Still, reporters are stating to pick up on Obama's lies. Better late than never.

Obama was 34 years old when he wrote "Dreams." And the book is filled with fantasy, fabrication and imagination. Great fiction but not the kind of work that would commend itself to a young lawyer.

Lawyers like facts, precision, accuracy and, above all, "candor to the tribunal." Obama' propensity to lie may explain why he has never been before a tribunal in any meaningful way.
Maybe that's why both Obama and his wife have surrendered their licenses to practice law in Illinois. Too demanding, too detailed-oriented, too lawyerlike for them.

Jennifer Hunter, someone to whom I probably owe an apology for my initial thought she might be an Obama flack on the Sun-Times staff, produced a searing "book review" March 26th of Obama's second book, "The Audacity of Hope," calling the tome a "grind," "cod liver oil," and "hard to swallow." Whoa. Hunter says the book "bores me to tears." I do not think Ms. Hunter would have exhibited such devastating candor a month ago. She is now. Jennifer, if the book moved you to tears, there is more to the Obama fantasyland; keep crying.

Hunter looks like she has peeked at our own psychological study of Obama—still the best analysis of his convoluted and conflicted psyche. Hunter says she wants "more answers" about the role Obama's 18 year-old mother's struggles played in his anger. Well.

It was only a month ago, during's "Obama Week," that we were still a lonely voice focusing attention on Obama's psychological profile and disturbing family history. Aside from me, the "Obama Skeptics Bus" was empty.

Now the seats are filling rapidly.

I produce a newspaper called "" precisely because most reporters often miss the real significance of news. They parrot what hucksters like Witch Doctor Obama want them to say. They do not act this way because reporters are necessarily evil; they do so because they are prisoners of the "news cycle."

CCC has time for a more analytical approach, and over the past 2-1/2 years our efforts have paid off in trend-setting investigative reporting on "The Real Obama."

Finally, the Internet is a great discipline. A great leveler. A "Great Equalizer," the Colt. 45 of Communications. You can see what we have written, and what others did not; and you can see what others are writing now, following in our footsteps.

Boys and Girls of the media, "All Aboard the Obama Bus." There's more to say, more to investigate, and more to reveal about Mr. Obama, someone who is probably a very decent person but nevertheless totally unfit to sit in the Oval Office.

Of course, if you had paid attention to my comments in 1999, you would have heard me say "George Bush wants to bomb Iraq." Now where did I get that idea? In 1999?

Chicago-based Internet journalist, broadcaster and critic Andy Martin is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2007. Martin covers national and world politics with forty years of personal experience. Columns also posted at; Comments? E-mail: Media contact: (866) 706-2639.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Washington, DC
Tel.. (202) 496-1428



(FORT LAUDERDALE)(March 25, 2007) Chicago-based Internet journalist, broadcaster and media critic Andy Martin has a long history of successfully filing judicial complaints and legal proceedings against Florida judges. Martin founded the Campaign Court Reform (CCR) in 1989 and has served as Founding Executive Director since then.

The CCR receives reports nationally and attempts to point the spotlight on judicial arrogance, corruption and abuse of power. Martin began his career as a judicial reformer while a law student at the University of Illinois, as a small part of a team that exposed bank stock bribes on the Illinois Supreme Court and led to the removal of two judges, Roy Solfisburg and Ray Klingbiel, see Illinois Supreme Court Docket No. 39797.

This week Martin filed judicial misconduct complaints against Broward County Chief Judge Dale Ross and Circuit Judge Larry Korda.

"We have been asked for a list of Florida judges against whom I successfully filed judicial misconduct complaints or legal proceedings," Martin noted. "We had to dig into our morgue because our computerized records do not go back that far. Nevertheless, we have assembled a pretty complete list. It may not be complete but it is awesome.


Paul Marko Pleaded guilty Broward Misogynist/
psychopath 595 So.2d46

Alphonoso Sepe Removed Miami-Dade Operation
Court Broom 632 So.2d 42

Eugene Garrett Removed 4th District Shoplifter/ 613 So.2d 463
Appeal psychopath

Gary Removed Citrus Wacko 620 So.2d 1273

Dale Ross Reversed Broward Violated Family
Court Rules

Hugh Disciplined 4th District 620 So.2d 1000
Glickstein Appeal

Lawrence Pending Broward Reefer A real
Korda "family" judge

Dale Ross Pending Broward Arrogance/ Repeat
incompetence offender

"The foregoing cases reflect an unparalleled record of accomplishment in seeking to discipline the Florida judiciary and protect the public interest," Martin stated. "I am hopeful we will remove both Dale Ross and Larry Korda from the Broward bench."

CONTACT: (312) 440-4124


Chicago-based Internet journalist, broadcaster and critic Andy Martin is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2007. Martin covers national and world politics with forty years of personal experience. He has served as Founding Executive Director of the Campaign for Court Reform since 1989. Columns also posted at; Comments? E-mail: Media contact: (866) 706-2639.

Friday, March 23, 2007




(CHICAGO)(March 23, 2007) Friday evening March 23rd the Chicago Tribune announced it will join Andy Martin and in placing Senator Barack Obama's early life under a spotlight. In a banner headline the Tribune blares: Coming this weekend: Barack Obama's not-so-simple youth. [].

Why the sudden interest in Barack Obama's past, a topic has been pursuing for 2-1/2 years?

"I think it is finally sinking in that has been on to something for a long time, something the so-called 'mainstream media' ignored and tried to pretend did not exist," says Executive Editor, broadcaster and media critic Andy Martin.

"I have been vilified by, and other media for writing about Obama's fabricated past. I have been credited, in a negative sort of way, with many stories I wrote and some I did not. But the consistent refrain always was: why are you telling the truth about Obama when we would rather believe a lie?

"The Democratic National Committee has even given some deranged Obama backer a blog to slime me.

"Well, who's laughing now? Who has been saying all along that there was more to Obama than he wanted us to know? More than the fictional life Obama had created for himself, more than the imaginary world that the Tribune and Sun-Times had accepted as true?

"Today's front-page story in the Wall Street Journal about a former Obama BFF who apparently tried to extort the senator finally blew the dam.

"I don't think all of the truth will come out this weekend in the Tribune, or the Sun-Times. It will be a gradual process.

"But our historic and pioneering effort to expose massive political fraud by a presidential candidate has borne fruit. Obama's past has been rouged up more than Anna Nicole Smith's corpse. People were offended when I told them 'Obama's truths' were not the real truths.

"Well, I say to the Chicago Tribune, and to the Sun-Times when they join the parade, 'Welcome to the truth.' Cock-a-doodle-doo.

"Now that the media are finally paying attention, we will be moving shortly in court to block Obama and Random House from marketing his book 'Dreams From my Father' as an 'autobiography' or 'biography.' It is fiction, plain and simple. The 'dreams' didn't come from his father; the dreams came from Obama.

"Not long ago someone mocked the claim that my commentary represented the work of the 'man who brought down Obama.' I hope those nut cases are still looking, but their eyes are probably too flooded with tears to read. I am still the 'man who brought down Obama.' It took a lot of hard, old-fashioned newspapering, research and legwork. But we kept at it. We published the first psychological profile of Obama the day he announced February 10th.

"Our columns are archived (see below) and someone can now go back and track and trace our efforts to simply tell the truth about Barry Obama," says Martin.

------------------------------------------Chicago-based Internet journalist, broadcaster and critic Andy Martin is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2007. Martin covers national and world politics with forty years of personal experience. Columns also posted at; Comments? E-mail: Media contact: (866) 706-2639.


Letters to the Editor
Wall Street Journal

Re: Straight Talk on Palestine (March 20, 2007)

I have been a reader of the WSJ for over forty-five years. It is truly disappointing to see one of American journalism's jewels steadily debased and corrupted by an editorial page that has become a mouthpiece for Israeli extremism. Tuesday's "Straight Talk on Palestine" was nothing more than right-wing Israeli propaganda.

Americans are dying in the Middle East and more will die because of the maniacal myopia of the Bush administration and its supporters such as the WSJ editorial page.

The "Straight Talk" should have been labeled "Straight Lies."
Mr. Toameh says Palestinians have not recognized Israel's right to exist. Has Israel recognized Palestine's right to exist? Where, show me a document. There is none. Israelis demand recognition that they themselves have refused to afford Palestinians.

Israeli mendacity has created and perpetuated the myth that Palestinians rejected a state in 2000. There is not a single sheet of paper to document a formal, written Israeli offer. The big lie persists, in large part through the auspices of your editorial page. Why is Palestinian recognition a precondition and Israeli recognition is not? The issue of whether each party has a right to exist is as subject to negotiation on the Palestinian side as it is on the Israeli side.

Mr. Toameh says Palestinians claim the right to resist occupation. Well, I should hope so! That is a human right, not a Palestinian right. In my opinion Palestinians have been all too patient and all too peaceful in dealing with forty years of Israeli occupation. Fighting Israeli occupation is, to repeat, a human right, and an obligation of every human being.

Mr. Toameh condemns Palestinian ambiguity. Who is more ambiguous than the Israelis? Who has been playing word games for sixty years, while seeking to steadily steal Palestinian lands for a "Greater Israel?" There is equal ambiguity on all sides. That's negotiation and diplomacy. Extremists on both sides are not prepared for peace. That's the truth.

American politics on the Middle East is conducted in a climate of fear. WSJ-supported AIPAC and the "Israel lobby" terrorize the political system into parroting extreme Israeli demands, thereby abandoning the sensible neutrality of President Eisenhower's years.

George Bush has been an Israeli valet for six years. What has it gotten him? Nothing but a war that has destroyed his presidency.

Pro-Israel fanatics destroyed Illinois' own Senator Charles Percy, and Representative Paul Findley. These men were honorable public servants who were hounded from office because they sought balance in our Middle East policy. Their carcasses were left to intimidate any honest politician who would stand against Israeli imperialism.

If America stood for fairness and equality instead of blindly supporting Israel, peace would come very quickly. The Israeli warmongers would stop hungering for conflict when they did not have American blood and treasure to support them. Last summer Israel jumped into a pre—planned proxy war on behalf of Bush and the Israeli right. Israelis were devastated and resorted to terrorism and atrocities to barely survive.

Peace is possible. But peace will never come as long as American media such as the WSJ abandon all reason and objectivity and act as agents for the Israeli regime. We are as much under occupation as the Palestinians and Iraqis.

Ironically, your support for Israel is self-destructive and counterproductive. By encouraging war and occupation and a miasma of lies from the Israeli imperialists you undermine America's economy and our role in the world. Your support for war in Iraq has produced bitter fruit for our nation and our future role in the world.

The American people are fed up with Israel and Israeli demands for unconditional American support. George Bush put Palestinian freedom fighters on trial in Chicago and Tampa, and both times federal court juries rejected the Justice Department's Israeli-inspired lies. What does that tell you?

Forty years ago David Astor, the venerated editor of the London Observer, wrote that there were "two wronged peoples" in Palestine. You would do America proud if you adopted Astor's attitude and rejected your own. Maybe then we would really be on the road to peace.

Respectfully submitted,


Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Professor of Law (Adj.)
Suite 4406
30 E. Huron Street
Chicago, IL 60611-4723
Tel. (312) 440-4124
Fax (312) 440-4125
Web site:

March 21, 2007

Judicial Qualifications
1110 Thomasville Road
Tallahassee, FL 32302

Complaint re: Chief Circuit Judge Dale Ross of Broward County

Dear Members of the

I wish to file a complaint against Chief Circuit Judge Dale Ross of Broward County.

Judge Ross is obviously incapable of exercising the supervisory responsibilities of a Chief Judge to lawfully and properly administer the Broward County Court as an institution.

Instead, for the past two decades Judge Ross has allowed the Broward County Courthouse to be a political clubhouse where anything goes and where the interests of judges come first, not the public interest. Cronyism is rampant.

The case of Circuit Judge Lawrence Korda is instructive. Judge Korda has become nationally notorious for being arrested for smoking marijuana. He was smoking dope near children with utter contempt for his role as a "children's advocate."

Despite the scandalous situation involving Judge Korda, Chief Judge Ross has done nothing. He has allowed Korda to continue sitting on the bench. Ross has put Korda, not the public, first. It is disgraceful behavior for a chief judge.

The Florida court system is becoming notorious for serving as a romper room for incompetent and egotistical and corrupt judges.

The JQC has to take decisive action to restore public confidence in the management and internal operation of the judiciary.

Judge Ross must be either severely disciplined or removed from the bench. He should not be allowed to serve as chief judge one day longer.

Respectfully submitted,




Professor of Law (Adj.)
Suite 4406
30 E. Huron Street
Chicago, IL 60611-4723
Tel. (312) 440-4124
Fax (312) 440-4125
Web site:

March 21, 2007

Judicial Qualifications
1110 Thomasville Road
Tallahassee, FL 32302

Complaint re: Circuit Judge Lawrence Korda of Broward County

Dear Members of the

I wish to file a complaint against Circuit Judge Korda.

Judge Korda received nationwide notoriety last week as a result of being arrested for marijuana possession.

On information and belief Judge Korda has not yet been suspended. I do not have any confidence that Chief Judge Dale Ross will act responsibly with respect to this matter because of the history of abusive behavior by Broward County judges that has made that courthouse both a national laughingstock and scandal. Therefore, it is incumbent on the JQC to act.

In addition to his marijuana arrest, Judge Korda has previously made abusive comments to litigants in 2005 that indicate he may have been under the influence of marijuana while sitting on the bench. Specifically, Judge Korda did not allow a non-English speaking litigant to communicate with the court and insisted that the litigant communicate in English. That bizarre behavior by Judge Korda has all of the indicia of someone acting under the influence.

At that time the problem of abusive judicial behavior in Broward County was deemed to be sufficiently widespread that all judges were required to undergo reeducation on how to deal with litigants and act responsibly in a judicial capacity.

Approximately sixteen (16) years ago a judge of the Fourth District Court of Appeal was arrested. The charge was also a relatively minor one (I believe it was shoplifting as compared with marijuana smoking). The judge sought to stay and sit on the DCA while the JQC investigated the matter but my recollection is that the judge was forced to step down.

I do not believe that a sitting judge should be under arrest. The appearance of impropriety is too high. The Florida Supreme Court has guaranteed litigants the "cold neutrality of an impartial judge." State ex rel. Davis v. Parks, 141 Fla. 516, 519-520, 194 So. 613, 615 (1939). I do not believe a judge who is himself facing criminal charges and dealing with the criminal justice system can act in that manner.

I would ask the Commission to suspend or remove Judge Korda while the matter of his fitness is reviewed and, after a full and fair investigation, to remove Judge Korda from the bench.

Respectfully submitted,




Tuesday, March 20, 2007


(FORT LAUDERDALE)(March 20, 2007) Chicago-based Internet journalist, broadcaster and media critic Andy Martin will hold a toll-free telephone news conference Wednesday, March 21st to announce that he has filed charges against Larry "Crazy" Korda with the Judicial Qualifications Commission in Tallahassee.

Journalists are free to call in from around South Florida and the United States.

Martin has successfully filed disciplinary charges against more Florida judges than anyone else, including former Broward Circuit Judge Paul "Marko the Barbarian" Marko, two judges on the Fourth District court of Appeal in West Palm Beach, and judges in Miami-Dade and Citrus Counties. He has also been the catalyst for other disciplinary proceedings.

Korda is the brother of former Broward Circuit Judge Miette Bernstein.

"Just a few days ago I referred to Larry Korda as 'crazy' in the Anna Nicole Smith imbroglio. I knew he was nuts. Frankly, I thought it was just because of stupidity. But it now turns out he was turning on in the courthouse," Martin charges.

"Korda has been perhaps the most reversed judge in the Fourth DCA. It may be due to his drug abuse and lassitude in the courtroom. When I say he is incompetent, all you have to do is run a check of his reversal record in the appellate court. I did a quick screen on my computer and found almost fifty (50) cases where Korda had been reversed.

"The idea that the JQC would allow an arrested judge to stay on the bench is outrageous but only points to the college of corruption in the corrupt courthouse run by corrupt mastermind Dale Ross. The idea that Dale Ross would even consider such an arrogant affront to the judicial system is proof positive something is seriously wrong in the Broward County Courthouse.

"When a Fourth DCA judge was arrested for shoplifting I filed charges that led to his immediate removal; like Korda, he was trying to stay on the court while his case was processed. Such arrogance makes a joke of the judicial process.

"I think the JQC should also look at Korda's past racist behavior, and his constant abuse of litigants which triggered many of his reversals. His abuse of Hispanic litigants may also be due to drug abuse and intoxication on the bench.

Martin is a former South Florida resident who built a national reputation for fighting corruption while living in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach; he was featured on CBS' "48 Hours" and was also a guest on the "Phil Donahue Show."

Andy founded and is the Executive Director of the Washington-based Campaign for Court Reform (202) 496-1428.


WHO: Internet journalist/editor/critic Andy Martin

WHERE: Telephone news conference:

Toll-free call-in number: (866) 295-5950

Participant code: 2090340

WHEN: Wednesday, March 21, 2007 11:00 A.M.

WHAT: Andy Martin will announce that he is filing
Disciplinary charges against Judge Larry Korda
with the Judicial Qualifications Commission
in Tallahassee

CONTACT: (312) 440-4124


------------------------------------------Chicago-based Internet journalist, broadcaster and critic Andy Martin is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2007. Martin covers national and world politics with forty years of personal experience. Columns also posted at; Comments? E-mail: Media contact: (866) 706-2639.

Monday, March 19, 2007



(CHICAGO)(March 19, 2007) On the day that Barack Obama announced his campaign for president ("CCC") published the first psychological profile of the candidate. "The Mask of Barack Obama: A Psychological Profile" remains the most analytical study of Obama's strange persona.

We received the usual pro-Obama attacks on our motives. The Democratic National Committee has a deranged woman who writes a blog largely directed at trashing our coverage of Obama and pillorying me as a "racist." The poor ignorant DNC creature doesn’t know I have been a civil rights activist for over forty years. My opposition to Obama has nothing to do with "civil rights."

We have continued to be especially energized because CNN sent a "correspondent" to Jakarta to "put an end" to questions about Obama's "Madrassa" madness. Notably, CCC has never used the term "madrassa" in any of its Jakarta coverage of Obama. Obama's media manipulators demanded that CNN's cover-up be the last word. It was not and it will not be.

Recently the Los Angeles Times sent an excellent reporter to Jakarta to plow the same Jakarta furrows in Obama's life.,1,26632.story

The L. A. Times essentially corroborated what we had started reporting 2-1/2 years ago, namely that Obama's Muslim history was far more extensive than he had ever admitted. The L. A. Times prompted Obama to change his stock denial from "never having been a Muslim" to the more nuanced "never having been a practicing Muslim." As I have pointed out repeatedly, Obama's childhood would be of little interest if he did not work so hard to suppress the facts and to paint a false picture of his family's religious history.

Saturday, the New York Times felt constrained to join the Obama's-family-history parade, and sent Jennifer Steinhauer to Hawaii to speak with Barry's sister.

Steinhauer got one of the key points in her story wrong. She wrote "When he was 10, the family returned to Oahu.." My understanding of the facts is quite different. Obama's mother and half-sister Maya remained in Jakarta; at the age of 10 Barry/Barack was separated from his mother and sent to live with his grandparents.

Steinhauer thus missed one of the key psychological elements in what we called the "Mask of Barack Obama," his constant familial loss. First he lost his father, and had to invent a father in his "Dreams." Then his mother sent him away and he was forced to join a "new" family, living full-time with his grandparents who were white. All of these episodes of loss are critical to understanding Obama's psyche. Unfortunately, Steinhauer confused the facts and misreported the reality of Obama's lifelong feelings of alienation.

Nevertheless, the fact that Ms. Steinhauer tries to relate Obama's fictional account of his early life in his book "Dreams" to the reality of what he endured at a prestigious private school in Honolulu shows that we were absolutely right when we first focused attention on Obama's early life many months ago. The Times' return to that topic with a front-page story validates out own continuing news judgment.

Although we have been urged to "drop Obama" we won’t do so. His candidacy says a lot of about the vacuousness of American politics, and the vulnerability of this nation to yet another bunkum artist in the White House.

What of the Dunham/Obama/Soetoro family? Obama continues to live in a fantasyland about "family," and he continues to shield the truth in order to perpetuate the myth of his "Africanness."

So what' so strange about Obama's family? Well, his sister refuses to be photographed. She has claimed in past that she is an "adviser." When has a presidential adviser or family member refused to be photographed? It's weird. Do Obama's presidential advisors/relatives walk around wearing grocery bags on their heads? What do they have to hide?

Likewise, Obama's white grandmother is apparently forced to maintain the fiction that she is "not well enough" to be photographed or interviewed. It would be politically embarrassing for Mr. Obama, trying to portray himself as the first "Black president" in the words of his sister Maya Soetoro-Ng, to produce a white grandmother. So granny stays locked in the closet. Obama perpetuates the myth of his "blackness" at the cost of his closest family. What kind of a person would do that? Not someone we would want to be president, for sure.

Indeed, the "granny locked-in-the-closet" figure of speech says it all about Obama's campaign and the way he is likely to ultimately damage the Democratic Party and disappoint his followers.

Sunday in the New York Post Leon Wieseltier of the New Republic published a column in which he admitted "skepticism is sedulously arriving" about Obama. Thus it is particularly unfortunate that the New York Times sent a reporter to Hawaii and missed both the forest and the trees about Obama's early years.

In the meantime, as the L. A. Times' and N. Y. Times' belated attempts to profile Obama reflect, our own psychological profile remains the gold standard by which all other media analysis will be compared. From 2004 to 2007, we have been the first, and the best and, unfortunately, often the only Obama media analysts willing to write the truth about this seriously confused candidate.

Chicago-based Internet journalist, broadcaster and critic Andy Martin is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2007. Martin covers national and world politics with forty years of personal experience. Columns also posted at; Comments? E-mail: Media contact: (866) 706-2639.

Thursday, March 15, 2007



(CHICAGO)(March 15, 2007) The National Democratic Party has trashed Internet editor/columnist/broadcaster Andy Martin on the DNC web site, in a stinging review of his attacks on Senator Barack Obama and his plans to defeat Senator Dick Durbin.

“Well, as Bette Davis once said, ‘Fasten your seats belts.’ The Democrats have discovered I plan to ‘take down’ Dick Durbin. It’s about time we had a real senator from Illinois,” says Martin. “I plan to give Durbin a ‘bumpy ride.’

The Democratic National Committee also links to Andy’s campaign web site, columns and challenge to Dick Durbin.

“The Democrats may attack me but I find all of this highly amusing. They realize I am capable of mounting a serious challenge to Durbin, and they understand—perhaps even better than my Republican colleagues—that I am the best-qualified Republican to lead the attack on Durbin. So the Democrats can keep banging on their trash cans, and keep sliming me and throwing their mud. Sticks and stones.

“And, to quote/paraphrase a Democrat right back to the Democratic National Committee, Adlai Stevenson, “If the Democrats will stop telling lies about me, I’ll stop telling the truth about them. And Durbin.”

“Along with me, the Democrats also trashed MSNBC and Fox News, so I am in good company.”

MEDIA CONTACT (312) 440-4124.

DNC link:



(CHICAGO)(March 15, 2007) You just have to wonder why people want to hide the obvious. Barack Obama’s “religion” was in the news again today, with a new round of Obama denials, prevarications and a new “modified, limited hang-out.”

Obama no longer denies he was a Muslim. Now he says he wasn’t a “practicing” Muslim. Well, I guess Obama learned something at Harvard Law School. How to lie with a straight face. Hey, “practice” makes perfect.

People in general, the general public, will accept most anything from public officials as long as they don’t lie about it. I knew former U. S. Rep. Mark Foley was gay fifteen years ago. Who cared? South Florida is a liberal place and if Foley had only come out at some New Years’ party his private life would have been a forgotten issue, not a guided missile that helped give Democrats a majority in Congress.

I am sometimes asked, “Have any skeletons in your closet?” My answer, “I have so many skeletons in my closet I can’t close the door. Which ones do you want to hear about?”

I have been lambasted by crooked judges, attacked by the Bush Brothers (Jeb and George) and generally beaten up by the power structure that I have spent a lifetime exposing as corrupt.

The Chicago Tribune unleashed a three-man “smear squad” on me last year, and published a pack of lies. The only thing missing was a female reporter to lure me into a “compromising” position. The Tribune ambushed me on the streets, reported untruths and half-truths and shaded the truth; and generally sought to smear me because one of their employees (Rick Pearson) has an obsession with me. Yup, one of those. But it didn’t hurt me and no one really cares. Sticks and stones.

Now Obama’s people are peddling thirty-five year old smears about me, and they won’t get any more traction than the Tribune. The public knows I’m honest, and the public knows I fight the bad guys. I have the scars to prove it. As a journalist, I try to be scrupulously impartial and honest. Just read my columns.

Which is all by way of introduction to “Barry” Soetoro’s past, I mean Barack “Barry” Obama's secret life in Indonesia.

Obama has a half-sister. Anyone seen a picture of her? She says she’s an advisor, but she’s kept securely locked in a closet, and only allowed to be heard when she is needed to deny Obama is a Muslim.

Today the Los Angeles Times published original research from Jakarta that confirmed my original research two and a half years ago. Yes, in 2004 I reported that Barack Obama had been a Muslim. I’m glad the L.A. Times finally caught up with my August, 2004 writing. I'm also glad all of the mainstream media around the world have, piece-by-piece, confirmed my original, and very controversial, reporting in 2004. Why did I have the story then, and they didn't?

Now I don’t really care one way or the other whether and why Obama was a Muslim in Indonesia. It’s an interesting footnote. But every time the truth oozes out, as it did again today, Obama’s staff goes crazy and flies into full Clinton-style “war room” damage control.

The Times reports that Obama was registered as a Muslim student all the time he was in school in Jakarta. Obama's sister, Miss Soetoro, denies her family was Muslim and says her relatives only went to the Mosque for “big communal events.” Well, Ms. Soetoro, have I got news for you.

There are millions of Jews who only go to synagogue for “big communal events,” such as Passover and Rosh Hashanah. And they’re still Jews. And tens of millions of “Christians” flock to churches for Easter and Christmas. And they would slap you down if you told them they were not Christians merely because they only appear twice a year for “big communal events.” And I am sure Muslims have their “twice a year” Muslims too.

So Obama’s family was just as Muslim as many Jews are Jews and many Christians are Christians. What’s the big deal?

Yesterday Obama’s press secretary trashed Obama’s childhood friends, stating according to the Times that they were telling stories “40 years old, and subject to four decades of other information.” Well, guess what. I still remember where I went to church fifty years ago, and longer. I remember going to church in Manchester, New Hampshire when I was five (!) years old.

Obama’s says he’s now a Christian, and I believe him. We Christians accept everyone who professes and steps up to be baptized. But what kind of a Christian is he? Obama asked his minister to give the invocation on February 10th, and then dumped him because the minister is too “controversial.” Barry, I have news for you too: Christ was very controversial. A real troublemaker. Still is. And he wasn’t a coward. You chickened out. Maybe you should read about St. Peter this month as we approach Easter Sunday. Will you deny your minister three times? I will be watching. So, what kind of a Christian are you? Really?

There is a little amusing sidelight to all of this Muslim-denial on Obama’s part. Until last year, Obama always reached out to the Muslim community. He sashayed around religious differences and was well thought of. As I noted in an earlier column, some of my Muslim, pro-Palestine friends were unhappy when I exposed Obama. They thought that Barry O was one of them.

That is until last week, when Obama drank the AIPAC Kool-Aid and said Israel could do no wrong. End of Muslim love affair with Obama. Obama had sold out to the highest bidder, and it wasn’t Muslims. Palestinians, to the back of the bus! Israel comes first, last and only. Especially when Hillary is watching.

So why won't Barry just fess up (he was known as Barry Soetoro in Indonesia) and admit he was a Muslim and let the truth wash away his veneer of lies? No one will hate him for it. No one really cares except his campaign operation. And him.

But the longer he keeps denying the truth about his past the more people will remain interested. If you don’t believe me just go to today’s L. A. Times story and see for yourself:,1,26632.story

And while you’re at it, just remember I had that news 2-1/2 years ago. Obama lied then; he denied then. He’s lying now, and denying now. What’s wrong with the guy?

Now about the skeletons in my closet.

Chicago-based Internet journalist, broadcaster and critic Andy Martin is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2007. Martin covers national and world politics with forty years of personal experience. Columns also posted at;; Comments? E-mail: Media contact: (866) 706-2639.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007




(CHICAGO)(March 14, 2007) What is it with George Bush and lawyers? First we had Attorney General John Ashcroft, who was a laughingstock and an incompetent jerk. He constantly went on TV to announce arrests in vast conspiracies that evaporated on closer inspection.
Now we have Alberto Gonzales who is, you guessed it.
But Gonzales has put lie to the claim that George Bush can’t unite the American people.
We are united! Everyone, from conservatives to liberals, is united in condemning the disgraceful behavior of the Attorney General and his DofJ munchkins.
Today Bush expressed “confidence” in Gonzales. Bad sign. Gonzo will be gone shortly. When Bush expresses “confidence,” an official is on his way out. Gonzales was being groomed for a seat on the Supreme Court. Now he is being groomed for a seat on Amtrak back to Texas.
It is all very sad. The corruption of justice and judicial service is never a light matter.
The Attorney General is unique in that he serves three (3) masters: (1) he is an officer of the courts, and is accountable to the court system for the actions of his employees; (2) he is accountable to the president; and (3) he is accountable to the American people.
It is true that the president can fire almost everyone who works in the execute branch. But the “right” to fire people does not mean that such power can be exercised capriciously or vindictively.
U.S. Attorneys are also hybrid officials. They usually rise to that office through the political process. But once in office they also serve the court system as well as the general public interest.
In the landmark case of Berger v. U. S., 295 U.S. 78, 88 (1935) the Supreme Court stated that:
The United States Attorney is the representative not of an ordinary party to a controversy, but of a sovereignty whose obligation to govern impartially is as compelling as its obligation to govern at all; and whose interest, therefore, in a criminal prosecution is not that it shall win a case, but that justice shall be done. As such, he is in a peculiar and very definite sense the servant of the law, the twofold aim of which is that guilt shall not escape or innocence suffer. He may prosecute with earnestness and vigor—indeed, he should do so. But, while he may strike hard blows, he is not at liberty to strike foul ones. It is as much his duty to refrain from improper methods calculated to produce a wrongful conviction as it is to use every legitimate means to bring about a just one.
So the U. S. Attorney is not just another Chicago patronage hack who can be replaced at will and whim.
Alberto Gonzales’ incompetent mismanagement of the DofJ—if his disclaimers and admissions of incompetence are to be believed—turned the federal prosecution service into an extension of a political clubhouse. The careers of decent men and women were needlessly trashed. Republcians all.
Making matters worse, a succession of DofJ officials marched up to Capitol Hill and repeatedly lied to congress.
So where are we now? Well, guess what. There is no right or left, no Republican or Democratic way to enforce justice. There is only the right way. And Gonzales has unfortunately pursued the wrong way.
The Washington Post carried 63 pages of redacted e-mails between DofJ, the White House and Capitol Hill.
So there is written evidence to condemn the behavior of the persons involved. One has already departed. D. Kyle Sampson was a typical lower-level hack who gloried in his power and abused it horribly. He did serious damage to the president. Former White House counsel Harriet Miers is also in the soup.
And then there is Karl Rove. Karl, Karl.
Well, as I said, look on the bright side. The entire nation is united in saying the behavior of the White House and DofJ is wrong. Totally unacceptable.
Now if only Hillary was in the White House. Say, didn’t Bill try something similar back in 1996? To cover up his own crimes? Fire all the U. S. Attorneys?
The more things change…
As for Alberto, when Bushie is “not happy,” bad things happen. And Bushie was very, very embarrassed in Mexico today.
Al, have a nice trip back to Texas.
Chicago-based Internet journalist, broadcaster and critic Andy Martin is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2007. Martin covers national and world politics with forty years of personal experience; he is America’s most respected independent foreign policy, military and intelligence analyst. Columns also posted at;; Comments? E-mail: Media contact: (866) 706-2639

Monday, March 12, 2007


(CHICAGO)(March 12, 2007) Chicago-based Internet journalist, broadcaster and critic Andy Martin will hold a news conference Tuesday, March 13th at 3:00 P.M. to announce that he will be taking public interest legal action against U. S. Senator Barack Obama.

Since the 1960's Andy Martin has been Illinois' leading public interest advocate (see

"Based on a tip from a confidential informant, we have done some research and we believe there are serious questions that require a response from the Senator.

"My pioneering research on Mr. Obama has served as a starting point for all other media analysis of Mr. Obama's opaque past and questionable biography," says Martin. See, e.g.

"Despite the left-wing smears that Mr. Obama's attack rabbits have unleashed on me we continue to break news on Obama. We expect to raise the roof on Tuesday. My investigative writing, conclusions and commentary have all stood the test of time and nationwide media scrutiny."


WHO: Internet journalist/editor/critic Andy Martin

WHERE: Southeast corner of Wabash and Huron Streets,
Chicago, (St. James Cathedral)

WHEN: Tuesday, March 13, 2007 3:00 P.M.

WHAT: Andy Martin will announce that he is taking public
interest legal action against Barack Obama

CONTACT: (312) 440-4124


Chicago-based Internet journalist, broadcaster and critic Andy Martin is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2007. Martin covers national and world politics with forty years of personal experience. Columns also posted at;; Comments? E-mail: Media contact: (866) 706-2639.
CORRECTION: In a column on March 6th we noted that Obama mistakenly claimed that the Kennedy Family has brought his father to the United States. Subsequent research has indicated that Obama, Sr. may in fact have been brought to the United States by an airlift financed by a Kennedy Family foundation. There is still some confusion in my mind about the exact dates. Obama apparently did not mention the Kennedy Family in his book "Dreams form My Father." The balance of our criticism of Obama-in-Selma was correct.

Friday, March 09, 2007



(CHICAGO)(March 9, 2007) Barack Obama is a brave man. He’s not afraid--to cut and run when he sees conflict ahead.

When Hillary “Catwoman” Clinton and her bubonic mice went looking for him a few days ago, Obama said he safely ducked into one of his favorite locations, a barber shop. I hope he remembers the name of that barber shop better than the shop he wrote about in his book; that barber was fictitious.

Obama is perhaps the most effete, fey candidate to seek the White House since—I don’t know when. Dennis Kucinich?

Teddy Roosevelt called the presidency the “bully pulpit.” Obama seems to think it is a pulpit to hide from bullies.

Obama invited his pastor of twenty years longstanding to give the invocation at his announcement in Springfield on February 10th. But on the night before, Obama was not afraid to dump the preacher--to “avoid controversy.” Obama “bravely” raises religious themes when it serves his purpose; and then boldly dumps his pastor when it doesn’t. He of little faith.

Loyalty is important to me. A friend of mind steered me to my first web service nearly a decade ago. I’m still there with the same provider. In the meantime my buddy has changed Internet providers constantly. When I ran for governor, the company that printed my petitions had first done work for me almost forty years before. I believe loyalty says something to me, and I hope it says something about me. I value loyalty.

And Obama’s loyalties say something about him.

A small book publisher took a chance on a rather sophomoric book of fiction styled as Barry Obama’s life story. “Dreams From My Father” was published to modest success. But as soon as Obama became famous he was not afraid to dump the small publisher that had invested in him, and walk across the street to the mega publishing firm that paid him millions. Now that’s loyalty for you. He’s not afraid to dump those who helped him up the ladder.

I wonder if they will be there on the way down.

Barry Obama says he represents “new” politics. Today Lynn Sweet reported in the Sun-Times that Obama is afraid to release his campaign schedule:

How very “old politics.” He’s not afraid to look foolish by concealing his whereabouts. Not at all. And he’s not afraid to ask for big bucks from big donors and make a mockery of his “new politics” supporters. I hope Obama is using smoke-free rooms instead of smoke-filled rooms for his secret sessions. But then he’s a smoker, isn’t he?

Barry, stop blowing smoke in my face.

Obama wants to run a “stealth” campaign? Richard Nixon, where are you when we need you? How pretty. A public campaign for his post-pubescent parade of believers. And a secret campaign for those in the know, and the dough. How cute.

Barry wants the media, as well as the rest of us, to play his “pretend” game and not “mix it up” over the obvious mendacity of his campaign strategy.

Obama is bravest where he claims to be the boldest: in the legislative arena. Just don’t get in his way when he is running for the cellar.

I wrote about Obama during the debate over congressional intervention in the tragic case of Terri Schiavo. Where was Barack? Hiding in the basement. He wasn’t afraid to cut and run, again.

Obama has never been afraid to run and hide. When he served in the Illinois legislature Obama was always willing to be “present” when controversial legislation was on the floor. See

Obama told my muse at the New York Times Maureen Dowd that he “came up through politics in Chicago.” Tough? No way. He came up through politics in Hyde Park, a liberal bastion surrounding the University of Chicago. His base was the brainiacs, not the Bridgeport (Chicago) brawlers. The only “tough” race he ever had, against incumbent Congressman Bobby Rush, he lost. Obama is no more a “Chicago” politician than Chablis and brie are the bestselling foods of the city.

Obama told Dowd he would not “mix it up” until he could discuss “health care” or “Iraq.” With Chablis and brie. He has the real world upside down. Tough guys tackle tough issues. Barry wants to be a tough guy—in a TV studio with rehearsed answers to manufactured questions. He probably thinks the Friday Night Fights on TV were shadow boxing.

Yes, Obama has been against the war in Iraq. Or rather, Obama was against the war. Before it started, and before he reached Washington. Once safely ensconced in the Senate Obama was not afraid to do a tap dance on Iraq that would do Fred Astaire proud. Where does he stand? Good question. He wants to get out, but not too soon. Obama’s “St. Augustine” solution for withdrawal; do it, but not yet.

Obama told Dowd that his essence revolves around “overcoming a father’s absence and reconciling the strands of my background and coming out whole.” But he didn’t come out whole. That’s the problem. He thinks he’s whole. And he’s not.

Obama has sold and resold and oversold the myth of his “absent father,” the bigamist from Kenya who dumped wife number two and family number two (Obama) on the way to wife number three and family number three. All, apparently, simultaneously. Just because your dad was a cad and you survived the shame of learning the truth does not make you a tough guy.

Obama wants an end to “tit for tat” politics. Of course he does. He can’t handle the combat of the arena. The Clintons are ruthless operators. They swiftboated Barry O over David Geffen and Obama doesn’t even realize it yet. He bravely abandoned Geffen and said he would not fight to defend one of his most important supporters.

Geffen raised over a million dollars for Obama. But when Catwoman Clinton sent her mice to attack Barry he did the brave thing—yup—back in the barber shop for a “cut.” I wonder if the “Cut and Run” is the only style in Obama’s barber shop. Cut and run. And, oh, yes, it was “Take your daughter to school day.” His cell phone was off all day. Another dead zone.

The mainstream media missed the Clintons’ clear message: Obama won’t stand by you even if you stand by him.

Obama has lived life in a protected bubble. Only he does not realize that fact. First, his forgotten mother’s parents got him into an exclusive school in Hawaii. Then he went Ivy League at Columbia and later Harvard. Then he “organized” something in Chicago. But all along the way Obama has never been a real fighter.

He is a “lawyer” that apparently has never tried a case. He has never made an argument to a jury. He has never faced an adversary in the courtroom. Too much “tit for tat” behavior for him.

One of these days I am going to give in. And belly up to the bar at Obama’s Kool-Aid stand. I want some of that “Jesus-but-not-controversial” juice so I can see why it is that sane people really think Obama is anything but a crass opportunist who has parlayed a placid and pleasant and intelligent personality into a pyramid of cash and public success, all because he was not a fighter. Not because he was a fighter.

This week Vladimir Putin killed another journalist. The Iranian mullahs are plotting something. After all, Iranian oil wells are running dry and the future is bleak. Something has to give. The world is a very tough place. Who knows what is going on in Korea, the Middle East and elsewhere? In South America we face the challenge of, can you believe it? Socialism. And Venezuela’s Chavez.

Instead of “tit for tat” Barry will have to go “mano a mano” with the gang of thugs than runs the world. It will not be a pretty sight if he stumbles into the White House. Today New York Post columnist John Podhoretz predicted a “Jimmy Carter”-style administration. Chaotic, defeatist, disastrous.

Just look at the road kill Obama has bravely “Obamaed” on the way to the White House:

The publisher of “Dreams From My Father.”

The pastor of his church, Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Votes in the Illinois Senate and U. S. Senate.

And a strong defense and endorsement of David Geffen when he was mercilessly attacked by the Catwoman and her bubonic mice.

And I am sure there are more.

Who’s next? Who will Obama “bravely” abandon next?

Barack the Brave. He’s not afraid to dump friends, associates, pastors, anyone and everyone as long as it is in Barry’s best interest to do so. When the battle is raging, Barry can be found: in the barber shop or the basement. Brave. Brave. Brave.

The Catwoman is already gassing up her swift boats. She won the first naval engagement. Barry got seasick when he saw her swift boats on the water, and decided he needed a haircut. On shore. Lord Obama of Hawaii was beached before he launched.

Barry (Barack) Obama: no rational person could believe Obama is even remotely capable of sitting in the Oval Office. Help. Our “long national nightmare” is just beginning. All over again.

Chicago-based Internet journalist, broadcaster and critic Andy Martin is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2007. Martin covers national and world politics with forty years of personal experience. Columns also posted at;; Comments? E-mail: Media contact: (866) 706-2639.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007







(CHICAGO)(March 7, 2007) Today’s Barack Obama scandal du jour appeared on the front page of the New York Times with the disclosure that Obama was making parallel investments in risky stocks recommended by a campaign advisor. Shades of Whitewater.

Obama is a masterful Kool-Aid salesman of “hope” and “audacity” but he has yet to brew up some “competence” for his audience.

Last year Obama was caught in another sleazy financial deal with a campaign supporter, when indicted wheeler-dealer and alleged extortionist Tony Rezko helped Barry O finance some “privacy” for his $1.6 million dollar home. And maybe a future garage for his Rolls Royse-to come.

Today the “Joshua” presidential candidate was “just joshin’” again. Or maybe Barry Obama is just not very competent.

Recently I endorsed Rudy Giuliani for president. On balance, I would probably rather have Obama as a neighbor, not Giuliani. But I would want Giuliani in the White House.

The scandals this week at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington have shown what happens when bad management infects an institution: embarrassing things happen. Giuliani may not win a personality contest, but he has a proven record as a good manager.

Obama was embarrassed when the Obama-Rezko real estate transaction was disclosed. He called his actions “boneheaded.” Now Obama is linked to a contributor, again. Boneheaded, again? Tony Rezko must be laughing.

It is not enough to display good intentions in Washington. In order to sit in the oval office a candidate must demonstrate a history of management ability sufficient to grab control of the federal government. Rudy Giuliani tamed something much more savage than Washington—City Hall in New York. It was not a pretty sight but he subdued many of the special interests during his eight years.

Obambi, on the other hand, has never managed anything, and has demonstrated over and over again “boneheaded” attitudes towards power and control. There is no way anyone could seriously consider him a candidate to manage the federal government. He likes to preach, but he lacks any evidence he knows how to practice. Today’s mini-scandal over Obama’s ill-advised investment program is just one more example why he should not be president.

Left-wing blogorrheans went into a panic over the latest disclosures. Indeed. In their mind every fact about Obama that doesn’t fit their predetermined matrix of Obama’s neutered superiority is part of a conspiracy to destroy him. The truth cannot be allowed to get in the way of the O-Man’s myths.

But even if we take Obama at his own word (Chicago Tribune, March 7, 2007 8:25 P.M.) that he made a dimwitted investment, what kind of man would say words to the effect that “I’ve got $100,000 burning a hole in my pocket; find me some hot stocks.” (“George, I’ve got $100,000 that I’m interested in doing more…”) Obama’s demand for “more action” was a subliminal suggestion for hot stocks and fast profits. And, Obama learned, pursuing hot stocks you often get burned.

Obama spent years in the Illinois legislature pushing “ethics” legislation. He didn’t come to Washington as a neophyte. He knew there were lines, some clear, some blurry. He chose to approach the blurry lines and take his chances. Obama wasn’t trying to break the Bank at Monte Carlo. But he showed he could be stupid and innocent. Is this the man the left wants in the White House. Heaven forefend.

As for his News Secretary Bill Burton, start circulating your resume. Obama’s joshin’ is bad joss.

Chicago-based Internet journalist, broadcaster and critic Andy Martin is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2007. Martin covers national and world politics with forty years of personal experience. Columns also posted at;; Comments? E-mail: Media contact: (866) 706-2639.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007



(CHICAGO)(March 6, 2007) Barack Obama went to Selma, Alabama last week to honor the heroes of the civil rights era. He called them the “Moses generation.” That was all true. Few people have demonstrated more bravery than the civil rights workers of the 50’s and 60’s who put their lives on the line to free America from the oppressive yoke of segregation.

But Obama went further, and placed himself in a “Joshua Generation,” who are the heirs of the Moses contingent.

Unfortunately, Obama was no Joshua; he was just joshin’.

Obama demonstrated that he holds African-Americans in contempt, that he holds the media in contempt and, ultimately, that he holds the American people in contempt.

[I am indebted for the source text in this column to a copy of Obama’s speech posted by Lynn Sweet on the Chicago Sun-Times web site. Although I often disagree with Ms. Sweet on Obama, she has occasionally reflected genuine integrity in the way she has addressed his flaws.]

To put it bluntly, Obama is a congenital liar. Obama grew up lying to himself. When he went to Kenya and discovered that his mother had painted a fantasy world concerning his father Obama paused, and then just resumed and kept on lying. He is still lying.

I recently reread “Dreams From My Father,” Obama’s “biography” of his early years. Afterwards, I notified Random House, the current publishers (Obama dumped his original publishers when he became famous) that Obama’s book is not biography or autobiography. Much of it is complete fiction and fabrication.

In “Dreams,” when Obama visits Africa he discovers his grandfather, Hussein Onyango Obama.

Onyango is an incredibly powerful figure and an absolutely impressive human being. During the colonial era Onyango educated himself, ingratiated himself with the British, went on to adopt western ways, traveled with British officers across Europe and Mesopotamia during World War I and ended up making a fortune in farming and real estate. Decades after his death, Onyango’s legacy endures. In 2004 the Kenyan Newspaper The Nation of Nairobi stated Onyango’s descendents lived in a “vast well-kept compound with [Onyango’s last wife’s] brick house sitting imposingly at end far end.”

Yet Saturday in Selma Obama defamed both his grandfather Onyango and his father Barack, Sr. He lied about his very impressive family history in order to pander to African-Americans in the audience and to appeal to their basest instincts and most unfortunate prejudices.

FACT: Grandfather Onyango was educated, wealthy and owned property. Yes, Onyango did begin working for the British, and he lived a British life. He adopted British ways. He insisted on scrupulous cleanliness in his home at a time when rural Africans were not aware of western standards of hygiene.

Onyango converted to Islam during this period. As The Nation story stated “The Obama family are among the few Muslims in the locality.” Onyango was a proud man, an imperious man and a “founding father” to a successful dynasty. He would be disgusted at the way Obama has tap danced to avoid admitting his Muslim family heritage.

LIE: Obama told Selmans that to his death Onyango was a “boy” for the British, who called him by his first name, not his last.

I grew up in a restaurant, worked in a restaurant and eat out several times a week. In places where I am known, I am called “Andy” and I respond by telling servers “Hello, George” or “Hello Angelo” or “hello” whomever is taking care of me. There is nothing sinister about referring to staff by their first names. We do it all the time.

I don’t know anyone, anywhere who eats in a restaurant regularly who would walk in and refer to the maitre d’hotel as “Mr. so-and so.” Obama degrades Onyango by telling his audience his grandfather was called by his first name. For shame. He took a man who was incredibly impressive and a giant for his time in Kenya, and ultimately deprecates and diminishes his grandfather.

Obama’s disgrace of his grandfather is a telling insight into his unstable personality. He will lie about anything and everything to pander to his audience and to stimulate base and hostile instincts in his listeners.

FACT: Obama’s father, Barack, Sr. came to America in 1959. He married Obama’s mother in 1960 and Barry was worn in 1961. Onyango opposed Barack, Sr. going to America because his son had a wife and child in Kenya.

LIE: Seeking to hijack the civil rights movement and to attach the suffering of civil rights workers to his own personal aggrandizement, Obama told his audience in Selma “[M]y grandfather began to imagine something different…His son, who grew up herding goats…So the Kennedy’s decided we’re going to do an air lift..This young man Barack Obama got one of those tickets…”

Barack, Sr. arrived in Hawaii two years before Kennedy even ran for the presidency, three years before Kennedy took office. There was no Kennedy “air lift” and no Kennedy “ticket” which brought his father to America. Obama’s speech was all a lie.

Obama also repeated the lie that his father was “herding goats.” I am sure Onyango insisted that his son help care for the large amount of livestock on his wealthy farm, no doubt because Barack, Sr. was a bit of a wise guy and his dad wanted to make him toe the line. But Barack, Sr. was a bright student, indeed a brilliant one, who initially went into commercial work and had no part of any career "herding goats.” The “goat herd” lie is one which Obama has constantly repeated over the past three years.

FACT: Obama was born in 1961. The riot in Selma, Alabama took place in 1965. By 1965, Barack, Sr. had abandoned his second wife (Obama's mother) and moved back to Kenya after going to Harvard University, where he cavorted with the woman who would become his third wife and bear his third family. Barack’s father and mother had no relationship at the time of Selma.

In “Dreams” Obama never mentions at any time any connection between his parents and civil rights, or any support that his grandfather had for his son Barack, Sr. going to college in America. All of these lies have arisen recently, as Obama has expanded his pandering and false family history.

LIE: Obama told the audience in Selma, “There was something stirring across the country because of what happened in Selma,…so [my parents] got together and Barack Obama, Jr. was born.” Among the nation’s media, only the Chicago Tribune, to its credit, even bothered to inquire about this bald-faced lie. Obama’s spokesman said Obama was “speaking metaphorically” about his birth date. (Chicago Tribune, March 5, 2007). How can someone speak “metaphorically” when stating the facts about one’s conception?

Over and over again Obama lied to the Selma audience. By 1965, Obama, Sr. had returned to Kenya and joined the Kenya government. The civil rights movement and Selma had absolutely no impact on him and his “wife” in Hawaii in 1960. None.

There was nothing “metaphorical” in Obama’s lies Sunday about his grandfather and father. Nothing metaphorical about the lies concerning the date when Obama’s father came to America. Nothing “metaphorical” about misrepresenting the relationship of his parents in 1965. How can someone lie about basic, objective facts about himself and then, when challenged, claim that he was being “metaphorical?” Still, only the Chicago Tribune even bothered to challenge this torrent of lies.

Syndicated columnist Linda Chavez recently wrote of Obama that his pain comes not from the racism Obama claims as its source but rather from his parental abandonment. It is absolutely true that children who are abandoned bear those scars into adulthood. Obama was abandoned and in flashes of candor he returns to the lingering pain of that abandonment. Abandoned children usually create fantasy worlds, in which the absent parent is a fantasy figure. These fantasies can linger into adulthood.

In Obama’s case he went to Kenya and got the shock of his life as a young adult when he confronted the reality of who his father was and what he had done. Obama, Sr. was having children simultaneously with different wives. He had four wives and was a polygamist. But instead of accepting the pain and trying to deal with it, Obama retreated back into his “fantasy family” world.

How can Obama lie this way, over and over, year after year?

In childhood, compensation for an absent parent begins as fantasy and “pretend” to comfort the child. Gradually, as a child becomes an adult the fantasies and pretenses morph into self-deception and then outright lies. A disconnect persists and grows between the real world and the inner child-life fantasy refuge that offers comfort and solace.

In “High Risk: Children Without a Conscience,” the authors described children who suffer from incomplete bonding. Obama is such a person. He can lie about the facts because reality is meaningless to him. His fantasy world is what controls. And because of the hope, and guilt, that have surrounded his political climb his supporters and his audiences have failed to confront Obama over his confusion of fantasy and reality. Obama’s supporters have been his enablers. The more he lies; the more he gets away with. The bigger the lie, the less he is called on it.

I want to emphasize that this column is not concerned with family history per se. This column is focused on an adult individual who can’t keep himself from lying about facts, who fabricates a fantasy family history and who spends his public life in a pretend world. This column is about Barack Obama’s personality disorder. On February 10th as Obama was announcing his candidacy we issued a psychological profile of Obama. It should be read and reread by anyone concerned about Obama’s unstable personality.

A few weeks ago, when the Los Angeles Times was reporting on Obama’s fabrications involving his role in the Altgeld Gardens asbestos removal program, Obama’s staff members had to go to outside sources because Barry himself had no recollection of the lies he had told in his book, and the fabricated characters he had inserted in his “autobiography.” That is why I think I have a fair chance of wining a lawsuit against Random House if that company continues to enable Obama’s fabrications.

After the controversy over Altgeld Gardens exploded, Lynn Sweet of the Sun-Times reposted her August, 2004 article in which she expressed frustration and exasperation at Obama’s deceptions in “Dreams.”

The media do not want to admit that Obama is disordered, because that would prick the balloon they have created around him. They have a vested interest in his survival. If there is a Democratic Party slugfest for the presidential nomination due to Obama, the media will make hundreds of millions of dollars in extra advertising as Edwards, Clinton and Obama raise huge amounts of money and spend it on ads. If Obama implodes, media stand to lose hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising. I am not suggesting that reporters covering the election are controlled by management. But reporters can’t be oblivious to the fact that newspapers and television organizations are shrinking, and hundreds of millions of dollars in political advertising will extend the life of these organizations into 2009. You be the judge if there is a subconscious conflict of interest.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Someone who lies habitually about objective facts, someone who fabricates a family history, someone who trashes his ancestors and diminishes them with false claims, is not someone that most of us would trust to be in the Oval office.

The truth about Obama is there in plain view. It is there for all of us, and especially the media, to see. But there are “none so blind as those who will not see, none so deaf as those who will not hear.” And none so stupid as those who consciously avoid the truth because they want to keep on reporting Obama’s lies.

Both Mr. Obama and the mainstream media owe the American people an explanation and an apology. But don’t hold your breath. Obama’s too busy making up new lies to even know what the truth is any more.

Obama is not part of any “Joshua Generation.” He has been “joshin’” us all along, and we keep taking it. He may be a Kool-Aid salesman. But we keep buying and keep drinking.

Two and a half years ago I held a news conference in Chicago to denounce Obama as a fraud. Events since then have all corroborated my facts and confirmed my conclusions. I told you so. In 2004.

Chicago-based Internet journalist, broadcaster and critic Andy Martin is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2007. Martin covers national and world politics with forty years of personal experience. Columns also posted at;; Comments? E-mail: Media contact: (866) 706-2639.

Sunday, March 04, 2007







(CHICAGO)(March 4, 2007) Barack Obama, whose white Confederate Army ancestors owned slaves, will not apologize for that family history. “That’s no surprise,” Obama said, suggesting he knew he came from a slave-owning past. Instead of saying it was a tragic burden for him, he sought to swaddle himself in collective guilt by saying “That’s part of our tortured tangled, history.” Wrong.

Mr. Obama, my family did not own slaves. Yours did. Most Americans’ have no family links to slavery. Yours does. Yours, not ours.

Bill Clinton wanted to “share our pain.” You want us to “share your shame.” No thanks. Speak for yourself, Barry. That’s part of your incredibly tortured family history, and your own tortured psyche, not “ours.”

Amazingly, it took the exposure of his slave-owning family history for Obama to even acknowledge that half of his family history came from white racists who waged war against the United States.

And Obama wants “African-Americans” to support his candidacy? His ancestors sought to continue enslaving legitimate African-Americans. Massa Obama. You are the living embodiment of chutzpah. Just ask your friends at AIPAC what that means.

Truly, what part of Obama is “African-American?” His Kenyan father’s part, coming from the drunken polygamist that he continues to romanticize, or his white relatives’ slave ownership? It’s enough to make Hillary’s mouth water. And most people vomit.

Obama’s imagination and prevarication was in overdrive Sunday in Selma, where he now credits the civil rights movement for his sleazy father’s arrival in the United States and bigamous seduction of an innocent and very gullible 18 year-old woman. Obama was quoted as saying his father left “goat-herding” in Kenya—with a wife and child—to come to America where he impregnated his “Kansan” “wife” in Hawaii. It is truly sad the way Obama romanticizes the rascal and racial predator who was his father.

If only Barry would read his own book he would find out that he is lying about his “goat-herding father.” Barry senior came from a prosperous and educated family; he came to America to get out of Kenya during the war of independence after his links to the murderous Mau Mau led to his arrest. He left behind a wife and child in Kenya, and then took Obama’s mother as a “wife” in Hawaii before abandoning mother and child and running off to Harvard, where he met his eventual third wife and sired the third of his four “families.” Whew.

Because of racism, most Americans know little of the African-American community in our midst. African-Americans as a group are socially conservative, church-going people. They are family people. Why would they want someone who covers-up a family history of polygamy and alcoholism, and who can’t deal with the reality of his slave-owning family history, to be their leader? Beats me.

Especially when Hillary Clinton was hoopin’ and hollerin’ like a holy roller on Sunday. All she was missing was a snake and maybe a little talking in tongues. Come to think of it…

Maybe Obama really needs Clinton after all. Bill could share his pain. It must be painful to run away from the truth, and try to confuse and ultimately lie to the American people and hope to get away with it.

Barry Obama is a decent human being. He was victimized by his mother, who created a completely false fantasyland portrait of the father who abandoned him, and he was victimized by his own family history when he discovered he had been sired by a womanizing, alcoholic polygamist and racial huckster. And he was victimized when he learned the people who really raised him, his grandparents, came from a slave-owning clan in the south. That’s a trifecta of shame. Yours, not ours.

The Democrats took the March to Montgomery of 1965 and converted the event into a March to Hypocrisy in 2007. Walking alongside Bill Clinton in Selma was Al Sharpton. Is Sharpton really that essential to the Clinton effort to retain Black political support? Apparently so. I for one would not be comfortable with Al Sharpton in the White House. Of course maybe the Clintons should remember what happened to the last prominent political figure that had Sharpton at his side: Ned Lamont lost a “can’t lose” race for U. S. Senate after Sharpton appeared at his primary election victory celebration.

Recently I was attacked by a pro-Obama, tax-exempt left-wing smear machine that has been set up by the Democrats to attack conservatives (more on that later in the week). Yes, Democrats too use taxpayer-supported smear organizations to attack Republicans. They must be afraid of Andy Martin if they have been digging up dirt to throw at me. They can’t face the truth. But they have a problem. My facts about Obama will stand up, and their smears against me won’t.

The reality is that Barack Obama is all surface and no substance. He has lived his entire life in a fantasy world. He can’t accept who he is and where he comes from, so he keeps running away from the truth. I’m not against him because his Black father was a polygamist or because his White relatives were slave holders. Obviously, we don’t pick our relatives. It would be unfair to attack him on that basis.

I am critical of Obama because he continues to lie about his relatives and, when confronted with the truth, unleashes his left-wing smear machine to defend him by making personal attacks on legitimate conservative journalism. If Obama would only admit who is father was, and apologize for lying and living in a delusional world for 46 years, I would respect him more. If he would just admit that his white relatives were slave owners, and he is embarrassed by the fact, I would respect him more. I can’t respect him for lying. That’s the basis of my opposition.

I do not see how we can seriously consider placing someone in the oval office that lives in a dream world and who cannot even deal with the reality of his family history. And, no, I do not believe the American people want to “share his shame” any more than they believed Bill Clinton was “sharing our pain.” Most of us did not have relatives who owned slaves and we have no reason to apologize. I can’t see how African-Americans would vote for a man for president whose ancestors had enslaved them. But then wonders never cease.

Finally, Obama is the obvious beneficiary of “affirmative action” by the news media. They have not reported the truth about his family history. There has been a conscious cover-up to keep him “viable” as a candidate. Obama profits from a media cover-up that “enables” him to keep living a lie and selling a lie to the American people. What would happen if a newspaper discovered slave ownership in Hillary Clinton’s family history? You got it.

Hillary, apologize for your Iraq vote; Barry, tell the truth about your ancestors. Instead of saying “let the conversation begin,” why not say, both of you, “Let the truth-telling begin? We have been living a lie. Let’s start telling the truth.”


Chicago-based Internet journalist, broadcaster and critic Andy Martin is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2007. Martin covers national and world politics with forty years of personal experience. Columns also posted at;; Comments? E-mail: Media contact: (866) 706-2639.




(CHICAGO)(March 4, 2007) Later today we will witness the extraordinary shootout in Selma, Alabama where supporters of Barry Obama and Hillary Rodham meet in a political shootout over the Black vote. But before the big picture in Selma, we should revisit the larger, deeper truth about Barry (Barack) Obama: the man is a complete fraud.

A few days ago a major newspaper in London confirmed all of my accusations about Barry-O. It took the world two and a half years to catch up with our cutting-edge reporting.

On August 11, 2004, while Obama was still a candidate, I held a news conference in which I stated, "The man is a complete fraud. The truth is going to surprise, and disappoint, and outrage many people who were drawn to him… In the meantime, Crown Books should stop selling Obama's novelization of his life." Well. (The news release can easily be located on the Internet, but here's one link:

As the media hysteria has continued to expand I have constantly questioned Obama’s qualifications for any office, let alone the presidency. And I have previously identified myself in columns as the "man who brought down Obama." He's falling.

What we have seen is a “vast left-wing conspiracy” to whitewash Barry Obama’s lies. No so in the Daily Mail in London (the article is part of this e-mail, below). The Daily Mail confirmed all of my accusations 2-1/2 years ago. The sad fact is that a London newspaper following my pioneering research dug out the truth about Obama. Not one mainline newspaper in the United states has done so. It is a massive cover-up.

We will be going to court soon to block Obama from continuing to peddle his pack of lies.

[Is it any wonder is the fastest growing and most authoritative news and information source for intelligent readers worldwide?]

Chicago-based Internet journalist, broadcaster and critic Andy Martin is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2007. Martin covers national and world politics with forty years of personal experience. Columns also posted at;; Comments? E-mail: Media contact: (866) 706-2639.


27/01/07 - News section
A drunk and a bigot - what the US Presidental hopeful HASN'T said about his father... By SHARON CHURCHER
It is a classic story of the American dream made real: an impoverished Kenyan goatherd rising to become a brilliant Harvard-educated economist.
On the way he fights racial prejudice at home and corruption at work, survives the heartbreak of a broken relationship and, despite it all, leads the fight to rid Africa of its colonial legacy.
This extraordinary story is told by US Presidential hopeful Barack Obama as he recalls the life of the man who inspired him to political success - his father.
Mr Obama's book, Dreams From My Father, is flying off the shelves of US book stores, exciting and astonishing readers in equal measure. It is a bestseller, and no wonder - because the story just gets better and better.
Mr Obama is already Democratic Senator for Illinois. Now he is in the running to be the first black President in the country's history.
"My story is part of the larger American story," he declared in the electrifying speech that won him his Senate seat just two years ago. "In no other country on Earth is my story even possible."
Many believe Mr Obama is a serious threat to Hillary Clinton's hopes of becoming the Democrats' choice for their next Presidential candidate - and his lovingly written account of the debt he owes his father, also called Barack Obama, will do no harm at all to his Presidential hopes.
Indeed, by offering up a conveniently potted account of his personal history in this way, he might even have made a pre-emptive strike on those sure to pose the awkward questions that inevitably face a serious contender for the White House.
Yet an investigation by The Mail on Sunday has revealed that, for all Mr Obama's reputation for straight talking and the compelling narrative of his recollections, they are largely myth.
We have discovered that his father was not just a deeply flawed individual but an abusive bigamist and an egomaniac, whose life was ruined not by racism or corruption but his own weaknesses.
And, devastatingly, the testimony has come from Mr Obama's own relatives and family friends.
Charismatic and with movie-star looks, Barack Obama Jnr has managed to steal some of Hillary Clinton's most influential supporters in the two weeks since he entered the US Presidential race.
The 45-year-old lawyer depicts himself as a fresh voice for voters tired of the divisive rhetoric and self-serving ambition of established politicians on each side of the Democrat-Republican divide.
His campaign to become the first black President is inspired, he says, by his love of the country that allowed his father to triumph against astonishing odds.
Barack Obama Snr started life with the advantage of being able to read and write, but he also felt a profound sense of injustice. His father was a cook for British settlers in Kenya, who demeaningly called him their 'personal boy'.
Grandfather Obama sent his son to a missionary school but after completing his education, the youth could find little work except goatherding in his remote village of Nyangoma Kogela, in the roadless hills of Western Kenya.
At 18, he married a girl called Kezia. But Obama Snr was more interested in politics and economics than his family and his political leanings had been brought to the notice of leaders of the Kenyan Independence movement.
He was put forward for an American-sponsored scholarship in economics, with the idea being that he would eventually use his Western-honed skills in the new Kenya. At the age of 23 he headed for university in Hawaii, leaving behind the pregnant Kezia and their baby son.
Relatives say he was already a slick womaniser and, once in Honolulu, he promptly persuaded a fellow student called Ann - a naive 18-year-old white girl - to marry him. Barack Jnr was born in August, 1961.
Two years later, Obama Snr was on the move again. He was accepted at Harvard, and left his little boy and wife behind when he moved to the exclusive east coast university.
At the time, Ann explained to their son that his father had gone because his meagre stipend would not support the family if they lived together. But finance was the least of her worries.
Mr Obama Jnr claims that racism on both sides of the family destroyed the marriage between his mother and father.
In his book, he says that Ann's mother, who went by the nickname Tut, did not want a black son-in-law, and Obama Snr's father 'didn't want the Obama blood sullied by a white woman'.
In fact Ann divorced her husband after she discovered his bigamous double life. She remarried and moved to Indonesia with young Barack and her new husband, an oil company manager.
Obama Snr was forced to return to Kenya, where he fathered two more children by Kezia. He was eventually hired as a top civil servant in the fledgling government of Jomo Kenyatta - and married yet again.
Now prosperous with a flashy car and good salary, his third wife was an American-born teacher called Ruth, whom he had met at Harvard while still legally married to both Kezia and Ann, and who followed him to Africa.
A relative of Mr Obama says: "We told him[Barack] how his father would still go to Kezia and it was during these visits that she became pregnant with two more children. He also had two children with Ruth."
It is alleged that Ruth finally left him after he repeatedly flew into whisky-fuelled rages, beating her brutally.
Friends say drinking blighted his life - he lost both his legs while driving under the influence and also lost his job.
However, this was no bar to his womanising: he sired a son, his eighth child, by yet another woman and continued to come home drunk.
He was about to marry her when he finally died in yet another drunken crash when Obama was 21.
Mr Obama's 40-year-old cousin Said Hussein Obama told The Mail on Sunday: "Clearly, Barack has been very deeply affected by what he has learned about his father, who was my father's older brother.
"You have to remember that his father was an African and in Africa, polygamy is part of life.
"We have assured Barack that his father was a loving person but at times it must be difficult for him to reconcile this with his father's drinking and simultaneous marriages."
Said adds: "His father was a human being and as such you can't say that he was 100 per cent perfect.
"My cousin found it difficult when he came here to learn of his half-brothers and sisters born to four different mothers.
"But just as Africans find the Western world strange so Americans coming here will find Africa strange."
Far from being an inspiration, the father whom Mr Obama was coming to know seemed like a total stranger.
In his book, he attempts to put the best face on it. His father, he writes, lost his civil service job after campaigning against corrupt African politicians who had 'taken the place of the white colonials'.
One of Obama Snr's former drinking partners, Kenyan writer Philip Ochieng Ochieng says, however, that his friend's downfall was his weak character.
"Although charming, generous and extraordinarily clever, Obama Snr was also imperious, cruel and given to boasting about his brain and his wealth," he said.
"He was excessively fond of Scotch. He had fallen into the habit of going home drunk every night. His boasting proved his undoing and left him without a job, plunged him into prolonged poverty and dangerously wounded his ego."
Ochieng recalls how, after sitting up all night drinking Black Label whisky at Nairobi's famous Stanley Hotel, Obama Snr would fly into rages if Ruth asked where he had been.
Ochieng remonstrated with his friend, saying: "You bring a woman from far away and you reduce her to pulp. That is not our way."
But it was to no avail. Ruth sued for divorce after her husband administered brutal beatings.
In fact he was a menace to life, said Ochieng. "He had many extremely serious accidents. Both his legs had to be amputated. They were replaced with crude false limbs made from iron.
"He was just like Mr Toad [from Wind In The Willows], very arrogant on the road, especially when he had whisky inside. I was not surprised when I learned how he died."
Ruth refused to comment on the abuse charges when we tracked her down to the Kenyan school where she now works.
She said: "I was married to Barack's father for seven years so, yes, you could say Barack is my stepson.
"Barack's father was a very difficult man. Although I was married to him the longest of any of his wives he wasn't an easy person to be around."
Mr Obama has acknowledged that his father grappled with a drinking problem. But with a gift for words that makes Mrs Clinton's utterances seem stiff and stale, he has turned it into another component of the myth.
Drink, he says, like drugs, are one of "the traps that seem laid in a black man's soul".
Mr Obama claims that he, too, has been racially abused, even during his campaign for the White House.
His mother, Ann, decided that he should get an American education and sent him back from Indonesia to Hawaii, where he was admitted to a £7,000-a-year prep school, Punahau Academy, and lived with his maternal grandparents.
And while there, says Mr Obama, he was tortured by fellow pupils - who let out monkey hoots - and turned into a disenchanted teenage rebel, experimenting with cocaine and marijuana.
Even his grandparents were troubled by dark skin, he says in his book, recalling how once his grandmother complained about being pestered by a beggar.
"You know why she's so scared?" he recalls his grandfather saying. "She told me the fella was black."
Mr Obama says his soaring 'dream' of a better America grew out of his 'hurt and pain'.
Friends, however, remember his time at school rather differently. He was a spoiled high-achiever, they recall, who seemed as fond of his grandparents as they were of him.
He affectionately signed a school photo of himself to them, using their pet names, Tut and Gramps.
The caption says: "Thanks... for all the good times." He worked on the school's literary magazine and wore a white suit, of the style popular with New York writers at the time.
One of his former classmates, Alan Lum, said: "Hawaii is such a melting pot that it didn't occur to me when we were growing up that he might have problems about being one of the few African-Americans at the school. Us kids didn't see colour. He was easy-going and well-liked."
Lon Wysard, who also attended the academy, said the budding politician was in fact idolised for his keen sportsmanship.
"He was the star basketball player and always had a ball in his hand wherever he was," Wysard recalled.
Mr Obama was later admitted to read politics and international relations at New York's prestigious Columbia University where, his book claims, "no matter how many times the administration tried to paint them over, the walls remained scratched with blunt correspondence (about) niggers."
But one of his classmates, Joe Zwicker, 45, now a lawyer in Boston, said yesterday: "That surprises me. Columbia was a pretty tolerant place. There were African American students in my classes and I never saw any evidence of racism at all."
Family members and acquaintances believe that the real cloud over Mr Obama's life has been the discovery that his father was far from the romantic figure that his mother tried to portray.
A family friend said: "He is haunted by his father's failures. He grew up thinking of his father as a brilliant intellectual and pioneer of African independence only to learn that in Western terms he was basically a drunken lecher."
This ugly truth, say friends, has made Mr Obama ruthlessly determined to use every weapon that he has to succeed, including the glossily edited version of his father's story.
"At the end of the day Barack wants the story to help his political cause, so perhaps he couldn't afford to be too honest," said Ochieng.
Significantly, it was only four years after his father's death that Mr Obama travelled to his father's ancestral Kenyan village. There he learned the full story of his father's life and met some of his relatives.
One of his half-sisters, Auma, is now a council worker in southern England, but some of his other relatives are still living in huts in the village, without plumbing or electricity, farming a few scrawny goats and chicken and growing fruit and maize.
They speak the tribal Luo language and depend on handouts from family members who have emigrated to the UK and the United States for their few luxuries, notably the transistor radios that they use to follow Mr Obama's rocketing political fortunes.
He has positioned himself as a devout Christian (having found God, he says, after years as an atheist) and in a new book The Audacity Of Hope, timed to coincide with his campaign, he concentrates on his manifesto for 'reclaiming the American dream'.
This tome contains one telling paragraph, in a section in which he fumbles to try to justify his abrupt leap into the national political arena: he is, he says, chronically 'restless'.
"Someone once said that every man is trying to either live up to his father's expectations or make up for his father's mistakes, and I suppose that may explain my particular malady."
Additional reporting: Rob Crilly in Nairobi and Gill Pringle in Honolulu.

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