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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

New Hampshire Republican leader Andy Martin condemns remarks at Trump rally, announces a powerful new national conversation with the American People explaining why Ukraine deserves our full support


New Hampshire Republican leader Andy Martin condemns Donald Trump for a rally Saturday at which Ted Nugent called the leader of Ukraine a “homosexual weirdo,” please see Link #1 below. Trump previously called the war criminal and mass murderer Putin a “genius,” please see Link #2 below.


“Donald Trump’s attacks on the people of Ukraine reflect Trump’s increasingly unbalanced state of mind” says Andy Martin. “He is working hard to lead Republicans to their fourth straight national election defeat under his stewardship. His prediction of “death and destruction” if he is criminally charged is another gift to the Democrats, please see Link #3 below.


“Trump should have been reelected in a landslide in 2020. He ran against a zombie. Trump had a generally decent record of accomplishments. But his inability to control his outbursts and his willingness to jeopardize our nation’s stability for his own nefarious purposes today make him unelectable and unacceptable.


“In 2022 I went to Ukraine to report on the war. I am preparing to return to return to Ukraine to report again. I have begun a national conversation with the American people to counteract Trump’s delusional and malicious attacks on a nation, Ukraine, that was invaded by the most malignant leadership since Germany invaded Poland in 1939. In my speech, I try to condense hundreds of years of conflict into a succinct analysis. If you read my reporting from Ukraine in 2002 ( you will see my analysis was 100% correct. Interestingly, I am probably the last person accredited to MACV in Vietnam many decades ago still actively reporting from around the world. My years of experience are, I believe, are a benefit to you, the reader.


“If allowed to continue, right-wing Republican attacks on our Ukraine policy will benefit the world’s greatest threats, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping.


“I am by no means giving a ‘blank check’ (popular word that) to the Biden Maladministration. Biden’s incompetence has prolonged and exacerbated, and may have provoked, the war. But Biden, not Trump, sits in the White House and we are stuck with him. He is temporarily in control and will stay in control if Trump’s supporters continue to disgrace the GOP. I endorse bipartisan support for Ukraine. That is the only sane way forward.


“The following package of remarks is from my national conversation. I hope you will find it helpful in understanding the complexity of the situation and why only American leadership can restore world peace.”


Please note you will find gaps and white space in the brochure as it taken from a printed format.


Link # 1 Ted Nugent


Link #2 Putin “genius”


Link # 3 Trump “death and destruction”




Andy Martin








Andy Martin’s powerful new

national conversation with the

American People explaining why

Ukraine deserves our full support


© 2023

Synopsis of Andy’s Speech


I. Historical backdrop


     A. Fox News Sunday – President of Finland - “hundreds of years”


     B. Holodomor – 1930 – Stalin murders millions


     C. Molotov/Ribbentrop Pact – partitioned Eastern Europe


     D. Babi Yar (Babyn Yar)– Kyiv 1941


II. Modern History of Ukraine


     A. Fall of the Soviet Union


     B. Budapest Memorandum (see: 2022/02/01/what-budapest-memorandum-means-us-ukraine/)


     C. Rise of Putin


     D. Russian 2014 invasion of Crimea, Donbas


III. 2022 Invasion


     A. No one expected invasion (except CIA, UK)


     B. NATO, EU, USA unprepared (except UK and Ukraine)


     C. Emergency reaction by Free World


     D. Weapons pipeline created (see my 2022 columns:

  May 2022 archives)


IV. Future of the conflict


     A. Status of Russian “offensive” and terror campaign


     B. Status of Ukrainian forces


     C. How could USA trigger World War III?


     D. When will the conflict end? Maybe a surprise.


    E. My return to Ukraine: tentatively June-July, 2023




My Speech (originally delivered March 14, 2023, then updated)


     Welcome to a conversation on American support for Ukraine. We’re going to explore four areas of concern: (1) the history of Central Europe, which influences the current conflict; (2) the history of Ukraine since the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991; (3) an analysis of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022 and (4) my analysis of where the war goes in the days ahead.


     First, the historical backdrop. The President of Finland was a guest on a recent Fox News Sunday program. Shannon Bream asked him, “You have a history with Russians?” “Hundreds of years,” the Finnish president replied. We need to understand that hostility between the nations in Eastern Europe goes back literally hundreds of years. And in my view, this hatred will extend hundreds of years into the future. The hostility engendered today will not dissolve in a decade, probably not even in the next century.


     Russia has a history of genocide in Ukraine. Ukrainians were not able to maintain their freedom after World War I and fell under Russian/Soviet control. In the 1930’s, Russia imposed the Holodomor, the deliberate murder of millions of Ukrainians who were starved to death to benefit Stalin’s supporters in the Moscow regime. How would Canadians feel if millions were deliberately starved to death to feed Americans? The deliberate murder of millions of Ukrainians by the Soviet dictator Stalin remains a vivid memory.


     Russia and Germany triggered World War II. Although Germany attacked Poland in September, 1939, Germany was able to attack only because Russia and Germany had signed the Molotov/Ribbentrop Pact that partitioned Europe in advance. Russia was an enabler of World War II, though that nation later suffered greatly when Germany reneged on the pact.


     Germany committed atrocities in Ukraine. The first mass extermination of World War II took place in a neighborhood of Kyiv,   Ukraine when 100,000 Jews and others were massacred by German troops and collaborators at Babyn Yar (Babi Yar). Ukraine became a killing field as Germans attacked Russia, and later as Russia counterattacked Germany.


     After the war, Ukraine was stuck behind the “Iron Curtain.” Decades of American children and eventually President Ronald Reagan celebrated “Captive Nations Day” and prayed for freedom for Ukraine and other enslaved nations.


     In order to understand why Ukrainians fight with such commitment and valor today, it is essential to understand the historical hatreds which Ukrainians have for the madmen that have led Russia over the last century.


     Second, we now turn to modern Ukrainian history. After the Soviet Union collapsed, Ukraine was suddenly “free” in 1991, but still in the hands of Soviet apparatchiks. “Freedom” brought new challenges. Ukrainians inherited over 1,000 Russian missiles. Ukraine sought to make a deal over its missile trove, and worked with the United States, United Kingdom and Russia.


     Negotiations culminated in the Budapest Memorandum. In 1994, the United States, along with the UK and Russia, signed the Budapest Memorandum. The United States agreed to guarantee the territorial integrity of Ukraine, and Ukraine agreed to surrender its missiles.


     No sooner had the pact been signed, and after Ukraine had complied with its part of the bargain, the United States began to renege on its commitments, by pretending the Memorandum was a meaningless document.


     When Tucker Carlson of Fox News today says the United States “has no role in Ukraine,” he’s lying. The US voluntarily signed the Budapest Memorandum and entered into a multilateral agreement where Ukraine surrendered missiles and America agreed to protect Ukraine (though not necessarily with US troops).


     Ukraine has a legal and moral claim on the United States and United Kingdom to honor the Budapest Memorandum. (See: 2022/02/01/what-budapest-memorandum-means-us-ukraine/)


     In 2014 Russia violated the Budapest Memorandum when it invaded Ukraine. President Obama did nothing and ignored the Memorandum. Russia was emboldened by the US/UK’s failure to respond to aggression and invasion.


     Putin had become the latest Russian dictator by promising Russians economic freedom in return for their ceding political power to him. By 2022, Putin was just another mad Russian dictator.

Although the CIA was correct in predicting that a Russian invasion of Ukraine was imminent, few believed the evidence of Russian preparations would lead to total war.


     But very quietly, something had changed since the 2014 invasion. After the 2014 debacle, the UK and USA began training the Ukrainian military. The pre-2014 military operated on the Russian model, committing atrocities as a means of waging war. Ukrainians began to understand American and British principles of war. They also added their own unique tactics.


     Third, by the time Russia invaded in 2022, Ukraine’s defenses had radically changed. Russia did not face the Ukrainian military of 2014 but, rather, a modern Ukrainian fighting force based on western tactics and strategies.


     Everyone – especially the Russians – believed Ukraine would surrender in a few days. But Ukrainians repelled the Russian invaders and began to retake territory that Russia had initially seized. When I went to Kyiv in May, 2022, the recovery operations were continuing and Ukrainian cities were being liberated. (You can see my 2022 columns at:, 2002 archive.)


     Once Ukraine showed that it could defend its territory and defeat the Russians, the military and political environment changed. The United States created a “pipeline” of weapons that flows every day into Ukraine. Increasingly deadly US armaments are delivered across the Polish/Ukrainian border. Supply lines have been established. The US 82nd Airborne Division stands guard.


     Ukrainian troops are being trained in the United States, Britain and across Europe. Most importantly, the UK and US have created networks of satellite communications to help Ukrainian soldiers surveil and defeat Russian troops.


     Russia’s invading troops were undisciplined, untrained and poorly equipped. Today, a year later, vicious battles are being fought and the tide of war – notwithstanding Tucker Carlson’s pro-Putin propaganda – has turned. Carlson has two disgruntled failed U S Army lieutenant colonels (Macgregor and Davis) who distort reality and pretend Russia is winning the war. That is simply not true.


     The “front,” which was far to the west when I arrived in 2022, has now moved eastward closer to the remaining Russian strongholds.

For my analysis in August, 2022, please see:


     Fourth, we now examine where the war stands today and what I predict for the future.


     After media reports earlier this year that Russia was planning an offensive, there is now consensus that the Russian “offensive” has stalled. Russia’s terror tactics and atrocities have failed to defeat Ukraine.


     Ukrainian forces have shown surprising resilience, especially in the defense of Bakhmut, where Russia has begun to employ “suicide” troops to make advances.


     The American/UK/European “pipeline” of weapons continues to expand Ukrainian resources. There is also some evidence that Ukrainians are reviving their own armament industry.


     World War III? The most dramatic term that has animated debate since 2022 is that allied and Ukrainian opposition to the Russian invasion could trigger World War III. I argued in 2022 that the current war was the “last battle of World War II,” delayed by 75 years, not the start of World War III.


     I believe that only President Biden and the US can trigger World War III. American military aid has been premised on the limitation that Ukraine cannot use our weapons to launch offensive operations against Russia. This unreasonable American limitation has made Ukrainians sitting ducks, expanded the misery and death, and led to the current stalemate.


     But if American aid was withdrawn or delayed or limited, Ukrainians would have no need to limit their attacks. Ukraine could demolish Russian defenses along the border and strike Moscow every time Russia attacked Kyiv. Right now, American limits have created a one-sided war that favors Russia. Russia attacks Ukrainian territory but Ukraine is prohibited from fighting back by attacking in Russia.


     Thus, Republicans who oppose American aid to Ukraine could inadvertently trigger World War III by lifting the current restrictions on Ukrainian operations.


     When will the war end? The end will come as a surprise. Wars usually end when no one expects them to. The Communist Chinese “peace plan” is a joke. On the other hand, the allied training programs for Ukrainian troops are reaching fruition. Ukraine will soon have powerful new weapons to deploy. Poland has become a resourceful ally.


     I continue to believe, as I stated in August, 2022, that if Ukraine seizes Crimea, Russia will surrender.


     In closing, I hope to return to Ukraine in June or July. I will find a vastly different situation than I did in 2022. Allied support is much more robust. Ukrainian morale is higher, notwithstanding reports to the contrary on Tucker Carlson/Fox News. In my fifty-sixth year of war analysis, I am still going strong.


     And so are the Ukrainians.




How Andy Martin Became a Foreign Policy and Intelligence Expert


Andy has over fifty years of experience in Europe, Asia, Southwest Asia and the Middle East; he is regarded overseas as one of America’s most respected independent foreign policy, military and intelligence analysts. He is known as an “over-the-horizon” expert who synthesizes conditions to prepare predictive opinions.


Andy’s military experience began at home. His mother and father fought in WW II and his family has ties to intelligence and irregular military operations. As an Air Force cadet at the University of Illinois during the Cold War, his officers schooled him in strategies for bombing the Soviet Union.


In 1965 he became an acolyte of Professor Bernard Fall. Professor Fall believed that Viet-Nam was a “revolutionary” war, a military campaign based on nationalist goals that more properly fit the matrix of political analysis. After Professor Fall was blown up, Andy persevered in studying counterinsurgency (COIN) in Viet-Nam and around the world. He was hired to provide confidential analysis in Viet-Nam and throughout Asia. Because of his ability to “see over the horizon,” his original engagement developed into a lifetime of independent observation and research through Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and continues into the present. In 2022 he was in Ukraine.


Andy founded the Revolutionary War Research Center and in 1974 he began to offer counterterrorism consulting at the World Trade Center in New York, becoming one of the nation’s first counterterror specialists. Andy was in New York on September 11, 2001 and rendered assistance.


Andy first went to the Arab world in 1970 and has traveled to every country in that region. Andy was in Iran and Afghanistan during the hostage crisis in 1979-80.


He lived in Iraq in 2003.


His analysis of the terrorist threat in Iran during 1979-80, and again in Iraq in 2002-2003, were leading-edge predictions of what Americans faced in the future. In the mid-1990’s Andy helped fight drug gangs and cartels in Miami.


He has lived in or been in Israel, Jordan, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Viet-Nam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Burma, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.



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New Hampshire legislators attack Andy Martin with the “Andy Martin Act”

 Three crooked New Hampshire state legislators, Joe Sweeney, Joe Alexander and Ross Berry are sponsoring what they call the “Andy Martin Act” to make it more difficult, they think, to run for federal office in New Hampshire. Andy Martin, New Hampshire’s only corruption fighter, exposes their fraud scheme. Andy also exposes how WMUR and the Manchester Union Loser, as well as the University of New Hampshire (UNH) and St. Anselm’s College, have rigged New Hampshire politics against Republican candidates. Andy is in the midst of planning his return to the war in Ukraine later this year.




Contrarian Commentary

Global News and Analysis

London, New York, Washington, Miami

“The Internet Powerhouse”


Andy Martin, J.D.

Adjunct Professor of Law

Executive Editor and Producer

One of America’s most respected

independent intelligence and

foreign policy analysts

“Opinions that are factually correct,

not politically correct”


Blogs, web sites and contact info:


Cellphone: (347) 960-9593

Fax (866) 214-3210


Regional Headquarters:


P.O. Box 742

Manchester, NH 03105-0742


[Please feel free to post, repost and email this letter, with the copyright notice attached]


[Calling all email lists: if you have friends or family or others who you think would like to read Andy’s emails, please send us your email lists and we’ll add them ours. The only way to really know what is happening in New Hampshire politics is to read Andy’s reports and analysis.]




(Manchester, NH)(March 23, 2023)


Dear Granite Stater:


I am in the midst of planning for my return to Ukraine (more news on my Ukraine work coming a day or two). I was in Ukraine in 2022. But I have had to take time out to address the hijinks of three corrupt state legislators in Concord, NH.


The New Hampshire House of Representatives is the third largest legislative body in the world, with 400 members. In this letter I will focus on three morons who are Republicans. Their names have not been changed to protect the guilty; Joe Sweeney, Joe Alexander and Ross Berry. They have proposed what they call the “Andy Martin Act,” to make it more difficult for candidates to run for federal office (no changes are proposed for the state house fees).


New Hampshire likes to project a “First in the Nation” (FITN) image as a bucolic garden of small towns and steeples, wholesome natives, local charm and “granite” integrity. But the truth is very different. The state is a cesspool of small-time corruption, corrupt petty politics and media that are so dishonest they would shock even Donald Trump.


In this letter I would like to review my own family history in NH, explain what the three morons have proposed as the Andy Martin Act, and give you a refresher course on the political experience I brought with me when I moved back to the Granite State years ago. I’ll also explain why I believe NH has among the most corrupt media and educational institutions in the United States.


1. I go back a long way in New Hampshire


My family arrived in NH 107 years ago. My mom was born in Manchester, graduated from Central High School and UNH. She taught in Farmington before joining the war effort in WW II. My grandmother was a founder of a Greek church that ninety years later is a thriving parish ( My roots in the state are deep.


2. The three moron state representatives


Joe Sweeney, Joe Alexander and Ross Berry would not be public officials in any other state. Because New Hampshire does not have a professional legislature (the pay is $100 a year) a few incompetents get elected. There are also many sincere and competent state representatives.


The Democrats are part of the same make-believe political NH environment. But they are far better organized and financed than the Republicans. The Republicans are so incompetent that in 2022 they lost working control of the state house even though they have a slim majority. Republican voters are forced to endure the antics of Sweeney, Alexander and Berry, who are an embarrassment to the state legislature.


The three have not apologized to me for their stupid behavior.


3. What is the Andy Martin Act?


You have probably heard of corruption in Chicago and the State of Illinois. Sweeney, Alexander and Berry would like to make New Hampshire congressional elections even more corrupt than those in Illinois.


Today, a candidate can run for office in NH by paying a filing fee of $100. To be sure, the low filing fee attracts many low caliber candidates. In the last U. S. Senate primary, we had one guy that constantly talked about his parents’ gas station, and another who wanted to abolish the state of New Hampshire. There were several serious candidates, myself included. Because I was the only GOP senate candidate with actual national experience, the powers-that-be erased my candidacy and pretended I didn’t exist.


A pathetic excuse for a reporter, Kevin Landrigan of the Manchester Union Loser, falsely accused me of being a candidate who “issues an occasional press release rant yet never really campaigns in the traditional sense.” (Please see attached excerpt of the article, as well as links below.)


New Hampshire Republicans have seen me campaign from the northernmost tip of NH to the southern tier. But both WMUR and the Union Loser have blacklisted me and refuse to cover my campaigns, even though they cover many unqualified candidates seriously.


Mr. Landrigan, who ridiculed my campaigning (attached), has never mentioned me in any campaign article. I am blacklisted by the owners of the Union Loser. So first they censor my campaigning; and then they complain I don’t exist. WMUR posts voluminous information on utterly unqualified candidates. I am never mentioned. Another blacklist. WMUR is owned by New York liberals. The Union Loser is owned by, well, “losers.” They don’t control me, so they pretend I don’t exist.


Even media in Chicago are not as corrupt as New Hampshire’s small-town backstabbers.


4. What are the provisions of the Andy Martin Act and how do they compare with Illinois?


Sweeney, Alexander and Berry want to raise the filing fee for the U. S. Senate from $100 to $10,000. The fee for congress would go up from $100 to $5,000. If instead of paying the fee you wanted to petition your way on the ballot, a senate candidate would have to submit 25,000 signatures. For congress, 12,500 signatures would be required.


So, what does in Illinois require to get on the ballot? Let’s do the math. New Hampshire has 1.4 million people, and Illinois has 12.5 million, roughly nine times as many citizens. Illinois requires 5,000 signatures to be on the primary ballot. If you multiply Illinois’ population ratio by the fact that Sweeney, Alexander and Berry want you to file five times as many signatures as Illinois, under their proposal it would be 45 times more difficult to get on the ballot in New Hampshire than it is in Illinois! Now that’s Chicago-style corruption!


Illinois also has something that Sweeney, Alexander and Berry would import to Concord: highly-paid “election lawyers.” Once you file in Illinois, “election lawyers” come out of the woodwork to challenge your petitions. Did “L. Jones” sign the same way it is on his or her voter card? Did Smith sign as “S. Auburn Ave,” instead of South Auburn Avenue. And so on. Election lawyers create endless objections. Challenges to petitions often continue close to election day. The potential for huge legal fees, and endless corruption, is obvious.


There may be the odd lawyer in NH that has handled an election case, but there are no “election lawyers.” Once you pay your fee, that’s usually the end of the matter. But under Sweeney, Alexander and Ross’ proposal, the Secretary of State’s office and the Ballot Law Commission would would be flooded with challenges to candidate petitions. Chicago ho!


Now you get some idea of how arrogant, corrupt and incompetent Sweeney, Alexander and Berry really are. Berry was quoted in the Union Loser as a prophet, claiming voters should “wait for them to realize you were right.” These legislators are not prophets. They are clowns who would never succeed in any other state.


5. What Sweeney, Alexander and Berry do not know about petition and filing fee procedures


Their proposals would benefit me and my campaigns. The joke’s on them! When I file as a serious candidate in NH, my campaigns are drowned out, as are the campaigns of all serious GOP candidates, by the bogus campaigns of totally unqualified candidates.


UNH and St Anselm use the bogus/unqualified candidates to defeat Republicans. They create bogus “polls,” using the names of straw candidates while excluding my name from their sampling. They then use their bogus poll results to hold phony “debates” featuring clown candidates. The result: qualified candidates are drowned out and the state’s corrupt media create a circus that makes Republicans look ridiculous and Democrats look attractive by comparison.


6. So why don’t the Union Loser and WMUR like me?


Why don’t the media like me? Because I have actual national experience and media experience. And over the last decade, I have been the state’s only political corruption fighter. I make the Union Loser and WMUR look bad, like the small-bore operations that they really are.


Here are some examples:


In 2011 I launched a campaign to oppose Northern Pass. I was the first statewide activist to do so, and started running TV ads against Northern Pass. WMUR and the Union Loser were nowhere to be seen. Northern Pass opponents eventually grew into a major statewide cause that defeated the proposal for high voltage lines across New Hampshire. I was the firstest with the mostest. PSNH, now Eversource, took me seriously. The media did not.


In 2011 I also fought to save The Balsams hotel and 600 North Country jobs. The Balsams hotel had been left in trust for North Country residents. But law firms in Manchester and Boston undermined the Tillotson Trust and destroyed the hotel. I lost that battle and, unfortunately, as a result approximately 600 North Country workers lost their jobs.


In 2011-2013 I warned that Jennifer Horn was really a Democrat, masquerading as a conservative. No one listened. Horn went on to attack local officials such as Bill O’Brien and Frank Guinta, the last Republican elected to congress. Horn did everything she could to destroy the state GOP.


Horn was also a crook. She ran for congress and pocketed the tax withholding and payroll deduction taxes from her campaign employees. The IRS put a lien on her house and Horn lost her home. Horn may have been the most crooked state chair in the entire nation during that period. She went on to grift hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Lincoln Project. Today Horn is a Democrat favorite.


In 2014 I exposed that Scott Brown had inflated his military service. The Pentagon agreed with me and canceled his grand retirement ceremony. Brown was defeated.


In 2016 I exposed that Republican candidate Jim Lawrence was running as a “small businessman” but his business had been shut down by the federal government. He also hadn’t paid his taxes.


In 2018 Andy Sanborn ran for congress. There were transcripts of interviews with victims of Sanborn’s sexual harassment, but WMUR and the Union Loser had failed to obtain the records. I succeeded where WMUR and the Union Loser had failed, and negotiated a release of the Sanborn sex transcripts. He was defeated.


In 2020, I said that U. S. Senate candidate Corky Messner was running the worst campaign I had ever seen. Messner got fewer votes than any recent senate candidate.


In 2022, despite my fondness for Don Bolduc, I wrote that Don could not be an effective candidate. Democrats agreed, and spent millions to nominate Bolduc, who promptly became a national laughingstock when he flip-flopped on the 2020 election (from “stolen” to “not stolen”). In 2023 liberals are still playing tapes of Bolduc’s gaffes. Don is a decent man and a true patriot who was nevertheless not well enough to handle the stress of a national campaign. I still believe he is a great guy.


In all of the foregoing elections, I was the only investigator who dug out the defects of the unqualified candidates, usually a job performed by newspapers and TV stations. I continually embarrassed the Union Loser and WMUR, who do not employ actual journalists. Around the world and across the United States, I have been managing political investigations for decades. I really do have national experience. Which is why the Democrats are afraid of me and use their control of New Hampshire’s corrupt media to erase my campaigns. Neither the Union Loser nor WMUR ever mentioned my name in 2020 or 2022. They merely pretended I did not exist, deceived their viewers and readers, and conducted bogus “debates” with clown candidates preprogrammed to elect Democrats and defeat Republicans. Now Sweeney, Alexander and Berry are at it, again. You get the picture?


7. My own electoral qualifications


When people ask me why I run, I run because New Hampshire is the Peyton Place of American politics, a small state with crooked politics and corrupt media where voters are shortchanged. In 2022 the Democrats even spent money to nominate their own REPUBLICAN candidates for the U. S. Senate and House. Democratic Party dollars were used to nominate sure-loser Republicans. Once again, the Democrats’ dirty tricks succeeded, always aided by the Union Loser and WMUR.


I have not been able to penetrate the Iron Curtain of political and media corruption in New Hampshire. But when given a fair chance to be a candidate I have usually run well. In 2000, I almost won the Republican U. S. Senate nomination in Florida, yes Florida. My primary opponent was Charlie Crist. Christ was very strong in the Tampa Bay TV market because of his history as “Chain Gang Charlie.” But I still almost won the entire state! I carried Miami-Dade County, where I fought corruption and cartels, by over 60% of the vote. Statewide, outside Tampa Bay, the primary was close to a draw, in a state with sixteen million residents. Voters responded positively to my candidacy.


In 2008 I almost won the Republican U. S. Senate nomination in Illinois. In both cases, my vote totals are public records. You can check the numbers. (You can even see old youtubes of me debating in Illinois.)


So, in states with fair and honest elections, I have always run solid campaigns. I don’t deserve the false accusations by the pathetic excuse for a reporter Kevin Landrigan of the Union Loser that I do not run active campaigns. If I wasn’t someone they fear, why would the Boobboisie try to pass a law to hamper my campaigns? The Andy Martin Act is not a proposal to encourage democracy, it is a scheme to subvert democracy in New Hampshire.


My work in Ukraine in 2022 was universally respected (see columns at web sites above). I am still at the top of my game.


So why have I run so poorly in New Hampshire? After all, it’s the same me. But New Hampshire’s politics are more corrupt than Florida’s or Illinois’. New Hampshire makes Chicago look like a beacon of democracy. Because NH is a small state, no one pays attention. NH no longer has an honest “newspaper.” There is a monopoly of one TV station. The Union Loser, which pretends to be “conservative,” is really pro-Democrat. The New York liberals at WMUR also rig the state’s elections for Democrats. The election results speak for themselves.


In a state that is closely divided by party registration, Republicans have not won a congressional election in a decade. How could Republicans lose every federal election in a closely-divided state? Because of media and political corruption.


Returning to the three morons, Sweeney, Alexander and Berry, I say “bring it on” with the Andy Martin Act. I would benefit. I have succeeded under both systems, petitions (Illinois), and filing fees (Florida).


In Illinois, I filed petitions to get om the ballot. In Florida I paid a filing fee. The morons’ proposal to adopt a filing fee would wash out the delusional candidates and provide a less obstructed primary opportunity for me to run. In other words, not only is the proposal by Sweeney, Alexander and Berry an insult to Granite Staters, in practicality and reality the Andy Martin Act would benefit - no surprise – Andy Martin!


I think you will agree with me that Sweeney, Alexander and Berry are part of the reason why Republican control of NH is ebbing and the party’s future prospects are grim. With “leaders” like Sweeney, Alexander and Berry, Republicans in the Granite State don’t stand a chance. But as for their proposing the Andy Martin Act, they would significantly benefit me politically. Thanks suckers.


At least now you know the truth about New Hampshire politics, not the propaganda featured when the state is desperately trying to save the FITN.


Finally, I’m still fighting against political and media corruption in New Hampshire, and for public integrity. I will continue to do so. You can’t trust Sweeney, Alexander and Berry. But you can trust me. Just compare my record with theirs.




Andy Martin





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Andy Martin is a legendary New Hampshire-based muckraker, author, Internet columnist, talk television pioneer, radio talk show host, broadcaster and media critic. With over fifty (50) years of background in radio and television and with decades of intelligence, investigative and analytical experience in Washington, the USA and around the world, Andy provides insight on politics, foreign policy, military and intelligence matters. For a full bio, go to: See also;


Andy has also been a leading corruption fighter in American politics and courts for over fifty years and is executive director of the National Anti-Corruption Policy Institute.


He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law and is a former adjunct professor of law at the City University of New York (LaGuardia CC, Bronx CC).


He is the author of “Obama: The Man Behind the Mask” [] and produced the Internet film “Obama: The Hawaii’ Years” []. Andy is the Executive Editor and publisher of the “Internet Powerhouse,” blogging at and


Andy’s family immigrated to Manchester, New Hampshire over 100 years ago; today he is New Hampshire’s leading corruption fighter and Republican Party reformer.




Andy’s opinion columns are posted at and


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